Tuesday, April 10, 2012

First Anniversary

Last week we celebrated our first wedding anniversary, we can hardly believe its already been a year! Even though I had to work that day because of a deadline, Mike took the night off and we treated ourselves to an amazing dinner. I have always wanted to go to Elements at the Sanctuary, the chef has been a participant Iron Chef and actually competed to be the next Iron Chef alongside other great chefs (I'm a little Food Network junkie!). We are really trying to save money, but since we weren't going out of town or doing anything big for possibly the biggest anniversary we'll have for a while, we decided to splurge on dinner and go to Elements. And I have to say, it was so worth it! This was probably the best meal I've ever had.
All these pictures were taken on our iphone, so you'll have to excuse the lower quality, we didn't want to bring the big bulky camera in. :) You can't tell from the above picture, but we sat at a very romantic and secluded booth in the back of the restaurant. We sat on the same side and faced a wall of windows that overlooked the mountains and Paradise Valley. We got there just in time to watch the sunset, it was beautiful!

This was our view at night, it was beautiful!

We forgot to take pictures of our appetizers and salad (we were so hungry!), and they were delicious, but nothing compared to our entrees! This was my meal, it was scallops on top of cheddar grits with and chorizo sauce, shrimp, tomatoes and greens on top. It all sounds like it may not go together, but it was amazing and probably the best meal I've ever had. They were also very good at helping me find gluten free options and had quite a few options compared to most restaurants. They were also very willing to changes things in the dish so I could eat it. I really appreciated that!

Mike ordered the bacon wrapped filet and its funny because in all the years he worked at Outback, he's never ordered a filet! His meal was a bit more traditional but still very delicious.

Our server surprised us with a beautiful anniversary dessert. I didn't eat much of it, but I had a bit of the chocolate peanut butter thing on the left. It was good, but I liked the dessert they brought out for me better. This is what made my night, our server knew I couldn't eat most of the anniversary dessert, so she brought out a trio of sorbets for me. Now sorbet seems simple and boring, but these were very different and so so so good!

We'll definitely be back to Elements for another special occasion. It was a wonderful experience and made for a very special first anniversary. The resort/restaurant is located up the mountain a bit, so the whole time we were there we felt like we were away on a trip when really we were only 20 miles from home.

For our anniversary gifts, the traditional first gift is paper, so of course we wrote each other a nice card and did that. We also decided that for each anniversary instead of getting each other gifts that maybe are bought just because we feel like we have to get something, we decided to do one gift together every year. So say on our 5th anniversary, the gift is wood, we may buy a nice piece of wood furniture that we need in the house, etc. This year is paper, so I had found a project that involved paper for this anniversary. With moving and everything going on we didn't have time to make it yet, but this summer we're going to work on it.

The project is to create a piece of artwork using the music from your wedding song. Here is the project tutorial. We love this because it includes paper, has a strong music element to it (Mike loves that!) and it has meaning from our wedding without hitting you over the head with it. I can't wait to make this and hang it up in our new house!

We still can't believe we've already started year 2 of our marriage. Every day we grow stronger and more in love with each other and know that we'll only continue to grow. We thank God every day for blessing us with each other!

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