Friday, May 11, 2012

House Progress: May 11

Less than a week later and the ground is leveled and the concrete form boards are put into place. They're getting ready to start installing plumbing and electrical. The utilities box is so lonely standing there on the right side of the house. This phase was really exciting because as we were walking around the dirt, we could almost tell where we would be standing in our future home. We started to get the feel for how the house will feel in our actual lot. We're pretty excited with this progress and the visual signs that things are moving along. The rest of the neighborhood is going up fast as well. Both the neighbors next to us are almost done with framing!

A few more images from our visit:

We've been doing well so far, living at my parents' house. It's finally starting to hit us that we are pretty much homeless. We spent today running errands around our normal shopping spots in Gilbert, so it made us feel a bit like we were doing our own thing and had quality time together. I think we'll need to do that from time to time. :)

This weekend we are celebrating Mother's Day with our families and as we were shopping for cards (I'm kind of embarrassed I'm not making my own), I saw one that was for a husband to his wife who don't have children yet. Really, do I deserve a card already?! I guess it could be considered a pre-Mother's Day card? Maybe this will be the last Mother's Day that I get stuck with the cooking and cleaning up. :)

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