Friday, May 18, 2012

House Progress: May 16

This past Wednesday we stopped by our house to see the progress before meeting up with friends for dinner. It's funny that every time we turn into our neighborhood to see the house, we get so nervous and excited about where they are at. They know our timeline and what they are doing, but there's this tiny fear that we'll get there after an entire week and there won't be any changes.

Fortunately, they had made some more progress since the weekend before! They started digging the trenches for the plumbing. My future office is just a big hole right now, but its progress and its a good sign that they will start installing things soon!

Things have been going well, we've just missed having a house, but we know it will all be worth it when we move into this one. It's been really great splitting grocery, dinner and dishes duties with my parents. It's really made life easier! We also joined a gym, there is one right down the road from my parents (my dad has always gone there and my mom just joined too!), one down the road from Mike's parents for when we live there and one about two miles from our new house. We're hoping this time we can keep up with going and really stay motivated to get in shape. My mom and I have been going together to classes and just to work it, it's been really great having a workout buddy! I think I'll need to find one closer to Gilbert once we move.

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