Thursday, May 24, 2012

House Progress: May 23

We were so excited that, once again, noticeable progress has been made to the house! They installed the plumbing, filled in the trenches and evened out the area to get it ready for the foundation. We think the next step will be the post-tension rods in preparation for the foundation to be poured. We're so excited for them to start framing so we can actually see our house begin to take shape.

This is the front porch and where the three large windows will be in my office.

Here's a close up of the plumbing that they installed in the past week. We also noticed that they sectioned off some of the dirt so we can see where the house part is and where the patio and porch are.

We haven't really posted any pictures of the view from the backyard. Actually, when I imagine our backyard (I daydream about every room in our house!), I picture it like the model's backyard, but it is actually facing the other way. It throws me off every time. Our backyard is so much larger than we're used to. I hope we can handle it!

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