Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Living by South Mountain

This is the road that leads up to where we are living right now. Beautiful, isn't it? I love South Mountain so much, and it actually has quite a bit of meaning for us. When I was really young, I remember driving out to ALA (the Lutheran high school I went to) with my grandparents to see my cousins play football and to take pictures of them before homecoming and prom. I barely remember being at the school, but what I do remember was the drive out there. You pretty much drive down the entire strip of South Mountain to get to the school and I remember thinking the red lights on the top were fireworks. I loved watching them, it was my favorite part of the trip out there.

Then when I was a bit older, I always thought the red lights spelled out the word "love". Somewhere I heard that if you are at the right angle, that is actually true. My mom just thought I was seeing things, but it sounds like maybe I was right!

And of course, on April 24, 2010, Mike and I went hiking up South Mountain and right next to where the red "love" lights are, he proposed. That was one of the happiest days of my life and I love that it happened in such a special place. We went back to take our engagement pictures there and used one of them on our save the dates.

Things are going well living out here by the mountain. We quite enjoy our space at my parent's house and I've been getting into better eating habits and started working out a few days a week. We can hardly believe it has almost been a whole month since we moved out of our house. We'd be completely happy if the rest of the summer just flew by like this past month. :)

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