Thursday, May 3, 2012

One Door Closes...Ready for the Next One to Open!

It was a weird feeling saying goodbye to this house. It wasn't only our first house together, but I bought this house and lived in it by myself for about two years. To buy a house at 23 years old is a huge thing. It was one of those things that made me feel like an official, responsible and successful adult. While living in this house I got engaged, planned our wedding, got married and celebrated our first anniversary. We even talked vaguely about how the 3rd bedroom would someday be a baby's room and how we would arrange it and if it would logistically work (w/d and the garage is right next to it). Basically, we had general plans to stay in this house until our little family outgrew it.

Apparently our plans were meant to be changed. The housing market was going up and building our dream home in our dream neighborhood actually started to fall into place. We realized that the time was right and even though we loved our house, we were ready to move on and put all our energies and efforts into building our family's "for the long haul" house. This meant canceling our two-week Europe trip, sticking to our strict budget (as Dave Ramsey would say, we are "living like no one else, so we can live like no one else") and rooming with our parents while we wait for our new home to be built.

Nobody really tells you this, but selling a house is completely stressful. We have an incredible realtor, our buyer had an great realtor and everything went very smoothly, but it is full of making grown-up decisions and covering all your bases. The whole packing up and moving thing was kind of a drag as well  – totally different than moving out of an apartment! Fortunately, we were able to focus on this process and make sure everything happened as it should. How do people with children move?! I have a newfound respect for my parents who moved with us six times before we were even teenagers.

As we finished up last minute touches and clearing out what was still left from moving over the weekend, it all kind of hit us that we were turning the page to a new part of our lives. We are older now, closer to starting a family and have even learned about a few things we would do differently next time around. This really is a monumental time for us.

So, here's to the summer, when we will be watching our dream home get built (digging starts next week!), continuing to follow that budget and keeping our marriage strong and sane while being shuffled around over the next few months.

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