Thursday, May 31, 2012

Preliminary Backyard Plans

Every day Mike and I talk about our new house. We've thought and talked about nearly every room in the house, how we will use it and ideas for decorating different spaces. We're starting to get into talking about the backyard and I've been pinning quite a few inspiration pictures. The hardest part is we want less of an Arizona/desert feeling backyard, but its really hard to find a landscaper that does that. (If anyone has a good landscaper or landscape architect they can recommend, please let us know!)

I took some of the inspiration ideas I've pinned and things we've talked about wanting in our yard and made a quick illustration. I'm not an expert with these kinds of plans, so its very amateur looking, but I think it gets some ideas out there for us to start thinking about. We're heading to a big home show in early August, so hopefully we can find some companies that will work for us and maybe even some new and unique ideas for the space (would really love the faux wood decking, but not sure how that would work on a flat surface).

We have a few things that are necessary items. We still want grass so the yard feels cozy and inviting, but we also want a very large area for entertaining. The areas that are in gray and labeled "living room area" and "dining room area" would all be pavers or some kind of flooring and it would continue on to our small covered patio so that feels much larger than it actually is. We love to entertain and see ourselves hosting many parties and gatherings in this house, so we want to make sure we can move the entertaining into the backyard as well as into the great room with a nice flow. We also want a garden area and a few big lush trees (the big part will come in time). We will probably do this in phases, so the flooring and grass will be in first along with all the irrigation. The bench seating, built-in grill, fireplace and raised beds may take a while to get installed depending on cost.

So what do you think? Does the layout need more roundness to it? We don't want it to be boring feeling, but we also want it to have more of a transitional feel. Any suggestions on other things we could/should add or take away?

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