Tuesday, June 5, 2012

For Future Reference: French Parenting

Yesterday I came across this pin and I just loved it! It also links to some interesting blog posts here and here about French parenting and things we can possibly learn from them. We don't have kids yet (we aren't pregnant either for all you curious minds!), but we talk often about how we want to raise our kids and things that are important for us to instill in them from a young age. A few things that are very important to us are that our children eat healthy and are well-behaved. We get that its not as easy as it sounds and we won't know what its really like until we are actually parents, but it doesn't hurt to have some basic groundwork to start from and goals in mind so we are prepared for when we need to figure out what to do. I understand that kids will have a mind of their own and by nature they are given a certain personality, but I also do believe part of it is nurture.

A big thing for me is that our kids grow up eating healthy so that as adults, they know how to cook for themselves and can teach their kids. This list of "food rules" seemed to make complete sense. I'm sure my friends with kids that are reading this are probably thinking I'm being extremely naive and that this won't work, but why not give it a try?

I think first we'll have to put these rules into place for ourselves, yikes! I have to say I have a hard time with the emotional eating and snacking. So hard to change that!

There's even a book about all of this and about a month ago I had also run into the book, Bringing Up Bebe. Both look like interesting reads and, when the time comes, they will definitely be on my reading list.

Here are a few major points from the books:
- You can have a grown-up life, even if you have kids.
- You can teach your child the act of learning to wait.
- Kids can spend time playing by themselves, and that's a good thing.
- Believe it when you tell your child "No."

P.S. We really feel that both of our parents instilled some of these "rules" that these books bring up in certain ways. We both talk about how we're so blessed to be raised by such wonderful parents and that we hope to be as good as they were! :)

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