Monday, June 11, 2012

Formal Room

With our house we're building, we opted to not have two side patios (one upstairs and one downstairs) like in the model home, but instead we added in a dining room downstairs and a loft upstairs. The backyard is plenty big enough for all our outdoor needs, so we were pretty excited that those options were available. Actually, we weren't sure if we'd like the house since it only had one main living space (we really wanted some more division of rooms in the new house, but still wanted the kitchen and tv room connected), so when we went to look at it and we found out those patios could be converted, we were sold.

So we have this room that they have labeled the dining room that is off of the main entry foyer, next to the great room and kitchen. Across from it is a butler's pantry/bar area. In our minds, that room would be used as more of a formal seating area than a dining room since we don't have the need for two separate dining areas within feet of each other. Its also been brought up that this room could be a future play room, but we are thinking that is what the loft will be for so the toy "mess" can be mostly kept upstairs. :)

I'm not stoked about the style of the above room, I think its a bit too shabby chic for us, but I love the layout. We have one big window on the back wall and the two side walls are both open. We would really love to have a piano in this room and also have Mike's guitars in here. We've also talked about taking out the carpet that will put in there and installing a worn looking wood tile. We love the idea of having a music room with seating in it that can be a place for friends to grab a drink at the bar and relax in or play music. We also want to be sure that when we do have kids, they have easy access to musical instruments from a young age. I'm really hoping they get Mike's musical abilities instead of mine. ;)

I'll have to keep searching for ideas for this room, I think it could be a very fun room to decorate and collect unique pieces for!

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