Friday, June 8, 2012

Great Room Colors

We've been spending a lot of time searching for ideas and coming up with looks for colors and styles for our great room for when our house is done. We'd really like to stay away from the mahogany furniture and beige paint look we had in our last house and go for more of a transitional look with a wide mix of neutral colors that coordinate together. I love the idea of having the main items being neutral and timeless and having pops of colors in small pieces of furniture, side tables, lamps, pillows, etc. Some of those things could also be changed out per season (Fall, Christmas, Summer). Our style isn't necessarily modern, but it also isn't the ornate style you think of with traditional. We love clean lines with a hint of traditional thrown in there. I guess that is what they call transitional. :)

Here are the descriptions for what each item is in the above image:
1) This is very similar to our kitchen faucet. It is a brushed bronze and so are all of our door handles and hinges.
2) These are the colors for the table we are considering. The base would be the antique white and the top would be the driftwood looking stain. Our coffee table is also similar to the driftwood color, although we think it may end up being too small for the space. We also have a wood tile sample that we would like to use for the dining/formal/piano room that is very similar to that driftwood sample.
3) This is our exact kitchen cabinet. We originally wanted white, but we weren't happy with the white options they had available (they looked very Tuscan). We're happy we chose this now though because it goes so well with our granite and tile choices which are extremely light colors.
4) I am in love with this server from Ballard! I included this more for the gray shade though. We have a nook for some kind of hutch like this and we also will need a new media stand (we are now thinking of mounting the tv and having a stand underneath it). I just love the look of gray furniture like this, would also consider this color for our bedroom.
5) This is our granite, bianco romano. It can vary quite a bit depending on the slab, but we will be picking ours out, so we want to aim for a piece that is mostly white with hints of the gray and taupe.
6) Our sofa will fit nicely in the great room and the color fits this scheme quite well. We like that it is a neutral green so it adds a different shade to the mix.

The great room has a very large living room, a breakfast nook area and a kitchen that is almost the size of the living room. It has five windows and a sliding glass door (french doors eventually?) to the backyard. We're thinking about doing the roller shades that are nearly invisible when they are rolled up. We love having our window shades open during the day, but need the privacy at night. We'd also like to have curtains, but not sure what color yet. They may have to be neutral though because there will be a ton of them. We want them to add height to the room without being too busy.

What do you think? Do these colors coordinate well together?

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