Monday, June 4, 2012

House Progress: June 1

We're a little behind on this post, but last Friday we went to the house site because our "super" had called us and let us know they had just poured it that day. It was so exciting seeing where our front porch will be and knowing that framing is coming up so soon! It's crazy seeing all the houses around us go up so fast, we're hoping ours moves with the same progress and speed. Something was up with my settings on the camera or maybe it was just the time of day, but the color in some of these pics is very off.

My parents came with us this time. It was so fun showing them where our future home will be. It was also nice that someone was there to get our picture in front of the house. Of course I didn't do my hair and makeup that time. Agh!

These descriptions are short, sorry. I'm on deadline this week so have been at the computer ALL day. Time to check out and get ready for Bachelorette and movie night with my niece (I'll be watching Bachelorette, not her!). She's staying with us at my parents for a few days while she goes to a volleyball camp right down the road. So crazy that I went to that camp when I was about her age and now she is there! Difference is, she's a MUCH better player than I was at that age. I'm so proud of her!

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