Thursday, June 21, 2012

House Progress: June 20

Yesterday we visited our house and seeing the second story up and framed made us the happiest and most excited we've been in this entire process. I feel like I've been saying that with every big step, but this time we mean it. We can now see the size and shape of the dining room, loft, front porch and extended great room which we upgraded from the model, so this is the first time seeing all these areas. If everything is on schedule, they will be done framing next week and will then start on electrical and we will have our first walk-through!

And here's the back of the house with the extended great room that we are beginning to see for the first time.

We think about our house and backyard every single day. Last night I went to bed thinking about it and woke up thinking even more about it. It's quite an obsession we have, but how could we not be excited?This is a HUGE upgrade for us from our old house. Sometimes we can hardly believe that we're so blessed to be able to buy something like this. The other day we were talking about how we can't figure out when we got so grown up and responsible. When did it become possible that we can afford something like this and why did it suddenly change in us that we would be ready to have kids anytime? I still remember when we'd be going out to bars every weekend and when we were so scared to talk about marriage, let alone kids! I guess time really does fly by, I turn 27 on Saturday...I remember when 27 sounded SO old!

P.S. I don't know what's up with the fonts on our blog, they keep changing on me back to Times New Roman and it's driving me crazy!

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