Monday, June 25, 2012

House Progress: June 23

On my birthday (between our Tour de Joe's trip), we stopped by our house to see the progress on the framing. Our super let us know on Friday that the framing will be done on Monday (today!) and then they will be installing AC, plumbing and windows. It was so incredible to see the frame of the house go up in about two weeks! We also got to see a few additions that weren't in the model, so it was a first for us to see the space. You can see the patio in the front in the center and to the right. We purposely chose this elevation so we could have that giant front porch. Also, isn't my mom cute? :)

One addition that we did and we've been dying to see is the extension to our great room. It pops the wall out by four feet, which doesn't sound like much, but it already feels like such a huge difference. Our living room/kitchen/breakfast nook room is pretty large, but was one big rectangle. We're excited that the extension gives the room some more dimension that will break things up a bit more. Mike's already talking about crown molding and ceiling beams for this room. :)

The other two spaces we hadn't seen in the model are the loft and dining room (they are on top of each other). We had seen the dining room on our last trip, but this was the first time we could go up the stairs and see the space of the loft. We are thrilled with how big it is and how it changes the railing on the stairs. Its going to be perfect for a tv/movie room, eventually a play room for kids and even further down the road as a place for our kids to hang out with their friends. We also plan on using the dining room as something other than a dining room since the breakfast nook area is so large and we rarely have a need for a formal dining room (yet). We have ideas of using it as a lounge type area since the bar is right next to it. We want to eventually put a piano in it (Mike wants a baby grand) and have all the musical instruments in there with eclectic seating and fun decor. I'd love to give it kind of a vintage feel, so I need to start going out and collecting items for it. Those two rooms were the best upgrades we did to the house, hands down.

I loved seeing the entryway from the top of the stairs. Before we even knew we were going to buy a new house, we always had our minds set on only living in one-story houses. When we walked into this model with the beautiful two-story entryway though, I was sold. It reminds me of entryways in movies with the grand staircase, big chandelier light hanging down and room for a fun entryway console. You can't see it in the picture, but this area has five windows on the second level part that lets in a ton of natural light to the entryway. Mike and I often talk about how this house really had the perfect spaces for us. We're excited to have all the bedrooms upstairs and away from the main living spaces. We think that will be really beneficial when we have small kids napping and we need to get laundry or dishes done in the kitchen. We also love how my office is so separated from the rest of the house, doesn't have a second story above it and has six windows (this was also a huge benefit to our chosen elevation). Can't wait to work there!

Mike is following the rules...hard hats are required. ;)

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