Friday, June 15, 2012

House Progress: June 15

Today was such an exciting day for us in this process of building our house. For the first time we saw the framing and it actually is starting to feel like a real house instead of just dirt and a cement slab. It's pretty exciting to see the rooms take shape and the additions we added from the model since we haven't seen what those rooms even feel like yet.

I loved this shot from the kitchen, into the living room. Mike says the tv will be mounted on that back wall between the two windows. :) This is our absolute favorite room of the entire house. We extended the great room even more so it is quite a large space. We're pretty excited to host parties and gatherings in this area!

We're looking pretty awesome in our hard hats, aren't we? This visit to the house was definitely the motivation we need after being "homeless" for nearly two months now, finding out our house will probably be pushed back another month and getting frustrated with the budget. This definitely makes it all worth it!

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