Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Bucket List

This summer is a big transition time for us and we pretty much feel like we are just waiting for the summer to be over with so we can move out of our parents' houses and into our new house. Sometimes that makes me feel like we're just wasting away the summer instead of enjoying the time we have. I've made bucket lists before, but wasn't very good at holding to them, so I tried to keep this summer bucket list simple enough so I can actually accomplish it!

Visit MIM
Mike has been wanting to visit the Musical Instrument Museum in Scottsdale for a while now. I think summer would be the perfect time to go!
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Take a Day Trip Up North
Last summer my parents went up to Flagstaff and rode the skyride at Snowbowl and it looked so beautiful from the pictures! I guess there are hiking trails once you're up there and if they look anything like in the above picture, I want to go. They said the temps were way cooler there, it would be such a nice little getaway since we're not going on any trips this summer.
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Make a Date Night Jar
I saw this idea on Pinterest and just love it! Each stick has a date night idea on it and they range in cost from light to dark (white ones are things to do at home, red ones are trips that take money and planning). Such a great idea!
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Rework Items Already in my Closet
I'm in love with maxi skirts this summer (I get sick of wearing shorts all the time), but I haven't actually bought one this summer yet. I have a few maxi dresses from years ago that I don't wear as dresses anymore, so I want to try turning them into maxi skirts. Of course they won't be as beautiful and flowy and gorgeous as this yellow one, but they will be comfy!
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Get Better at Beauty Things
My brother and sister-in-law got me a gift card for this Naked2 makeup palette that I've been wanting and I've had so much fun playing around with it and learning how to get more creative with my makeup. I've also been trying hair tutorials and am searching for how to create the perfect wavy/natural/beach curls in my somewhat short hair.

Start Inspiration Boards
Yes, I have Pinterest and I use it like crazy, but Mike and I would really like to have tangible inspiration boards for each room in the house. We're hoping to come up with color schemes, styles and ideas for each room so when we are out shopping, thrifting or browsing online and on Craigslist, we can know what will go in the house. I've had issues with buying random mismatched pots for plants and then never using them because they didn't coordinate with the rest of the house. Oops! It's not that we want everything to be matchy matchy, we actually want to stay far away from that and have things coordinate and feel cohesive.

Move Into Our House
Duh. This should be happening at the end of the summer!

I'd love to hear what's on your bucket list for the summer! Anything fun planned?


  1. Is the Naked2 pallette better than the original one?

    1. Anonymous, please name yourself. :) I've never tried the original Naked palette, but I like this second one because the colors are generally lighter and it has a nice matte black for eyeliner.