Monday, July 2, 2012

House Progress: July 1

This last week the windows were installed in the house and plumbing and A/C has been started. It's pretty exciting to see the windows go in...although, pretty much EVERY step in this process has been exciting! We can go in the rooms and really get a better idea of how they will feel. You see those three windows on the first floor behind the patio? Those are three of the six windows in my office! I'm pretty sure that may become one of my favorite rooms in the house.

Here's a close up of the patio and the office. There are three windows on the south side, two on the east side and one on the west side which looks on the the front door part of the patio. All the windows open (which we didn't know until yesterday), so I can have them all open and feel the breeze coming through. Or, I can work out on the front patio. We're so excited about this part of the house, feels like a totally separate area which is something we needed with me working at home and having our own business. I have a feeling we'll appreciate this separation the most when we have a little one running around. :)

Another one of my favorite areas will for sure be the kitchen. Its hard to tell with just the foundation and framing, but this room is huge! The island looks miniature, but its all pretty big and perfect for entertaining. I absolutely love the window with a big sill for plants and the sink below, the walk-in pantry and of course that massive island. Oh ya, did I mention a double oven?! Stoked for that...I just might be hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year for my family!

Here's the view of the back of the house. Our covered patio is pretty small, we just didn't want to spend our upgrade money on paying to extend it and then cover the kitchen window and lose that precious sunlight. We plan on covering the patio floor with pavers and extending the pavers out in front of it and to the right and back. Lots o'pavers! The covered part will really be more of an entry area to the outdoor space. We'll have a lounge area by the (eventually) fire place and a dining table with an umbrella near the (eventually) outdoor grill/kitchen. I'm thinking about having a garden to the left of the patio, under the living room windows. Speaking of that area, we're SO glad we added the 4ft living room extension. Not only for the space it adds inside, but also the dimension it adds to the back of the house.

Looks like the next step is placing the shingles on the roof to get that weight to settle in. Everything is coming along so well it seems!

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  1. I am following your house building with envy! Looks SO GREAT! One day I am going to get my dream house too! ;)