Friday, July 27, 2012

The countdown is on...

We got the call yesterday that we have been waiting months for. They set our closing date for our new house! We will officially be homeowners (therefore, not homeless wanderers anymore, yay!) in 35 days from today. While we love our parents and have had so much fun this summer spending our time with them, we are so ready and excited to have a place to call our own again. It will be a challenge to get used to cleaning 3100 sq ft instead of 300, but we're ready. :)

It's kind of hard to believe that we'll be able to move in that soon since last time we were there they were just putting insulation in, but they were very hesitant to give us a close date until they said they could know for sure. It really has been a bit of a rollercoaster with the closing date. At first we wanted to close mid-August to line up with my free time at work, so they delayed sending for permits to hit that timeframe. Then, the market got crazy and they couldn't find enough workers so they moved our estimated date to September 27! Now they gave us the official word that it is in the last few days of August. For most people, the weekend that they move isn't based so much around a work schedule, but since I work entirely from home, it really did matter for me. I have a very hard time concentrating when things aren't really set up and somewhat unpacked. We're so thankful that I'll be able to take an entire week off of work.

Funny story, my family has always seemed to move in early September, on my brother's birthday (I believe we've done that twice!). Ironic how our moving weekend falls on his birthday too, ha!

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