Sunday, September 16, 2012

Paint: Before and After

It's been a while since we last posted because we've been busy moving into our new house! I'm still waiting to get a final picture of the front of the house because they are still fixing a few paint touch ups...well, its actually the front door and part of the trim, I'm not sure that qualifies as a "touch up"!

We're loving our new house and are finally starting to feel like it is home. I think we were in disbelief the entire first week that this was actually our house. It was something that took eight months to make happen and it was finally here! We've been busy getting our stuff arranged and trying to fill empty spaces without much success. Looks like we'll need to do some shopping. ;) This past week we decided on a main paint color and hired professionals to paint everything except bedrooms, the office, laundry room and upstairs bathrooms. We're extremely happy with the results and feel like the house is already more warm and cozy and that we have a nice "palette" to start with.

Here are a few before and after pictures of the main rooms that we had painted:

Entryway & Front Door
We're pretty excited about how gorgeous the front door turned out. We asked for them to paint it a similar color to our cabinets and they went back and forth to the paint store until they had the perfect color. We will be replacing the entryway light for something that is a little more our style and that matches the rest of the oil-rubbed bronze in the house. We'd also like to find a unique sofa table to place on the wall of the railing. I'm very excited about decorating our staircase for the holidays!

This room is super boring right now, but someday we plan on placing our sofa sectional up here and making it a comfy movie room. For now, that lonely blue chair will sit there all on its own.

Powder Bathroom
We still have some work to do in the room, but we knew we wanted the walls to be a deep blue color. We have a bronze light fixture, faucet, towel holder and toilet paper holder that will be installed soon. Will post more pics of this room!

Definitely not the most exciting space, even after the paint job, but it's one of the spaces that we're most excited about! This space was originally an enclosed closet with an option to upgrade it with cabinets, but we decided to have them keep it open. It is located right between the laundry room, kitchen and garage, so it is where we will pass every time we get home. We plan on installing a built-in bench with shoe storage and shelves and hooks above. We'll also create a family command center here with a calendar, chalkboard and place for keys.

Great Room
This is the space we will probably focus on first. That table and those chairs are being borrowed from my parents (we sold our old set since it didn't fit and was not the color we wanted). We're also working on getting window coverings since our handy paper blinds keep falling down now after getting the house painted. After blinds will come curtains and this room will dramatically change! We also plan on mounting the tv higher on the wall so it is easier to see from the table and kitchen. We also talk about getting new furniture someday that are separates so they fit in the space a bit better and fill it out. All in time. :)

Ahh, my favorite room in the entire house! The kitchen was nice before, but the paint just gives it an extra warmth. We are definitely changing that nook light above the table (the builder has to move it as well), adding pendants above the island and one day we'd like to get a subway tile backsplash installed. Barstools would be nice too so people can hang out with me while I cook.

We didn't have the other rooms painted because we want to do unique things to them and we're not quite sure what that is yet. The kitchen is definitely my favorite room in the house, but my office is a close second. It is still white and a complete mess, but hopefully in the not so distant future we will paint it, get wood plank tile installed and figure out the proper furniture arrangement.

Making this house our home has been so much fun! It's a process that we're sure won't ever really be done, but we are loving it. :)