Friday, November 2, 2012

Be still.

Every month, the blog Oh, Hello Friend posts free desktop backgrounds. I usually use them on my computer desktop because they have a monthly calendar on them and they are so cute!

This month I used the computer desktop calendar, but loved the phone background so much, I updated that too. This month's phrase is so appropriate for me as of lately. I have been trying to keep a calm mind and have been learning to improve my patience and worry. I am getting back into a routine of yoga, bike-riding (went today with Mike around the beautiful park and lake in our neighborhood, that is definitely going to become a regular thing for us!) and meditation.

I also downloaded a few apps to help with the meditation, because honestly, it can be really boring to do in pure silence. There are a few great meditation apps that I'm trying out, Pranayama Breathing and Lotus Bud. The first just helps guide you through deep breathing and the other sends you reminders throughout the day to take a moment and do a few deep breaths to keep yourself calm and focused. Right before bed I've been enjoying the Take a Break app for 13 minutes of meditation before going to sleep.

So far I've loved how these things have been working, but I know its going to take more than a few days to really establish a routine with these things. I'm slowly learning that my health is more important than working a few extra minutes or watching one extra tv show before bed, but its difficult finding that balance between work/fun and relaxing/getting things done.

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