Thursday, November 1, 2012

Finally, a Fun Purchase!

Last week we ordered a few fabric and color options for drapes for our main living room. We actually weren't anticipating investing in curtains quite this soon, but they were on sale (and they couldn't tell us how long that sale would last), we have been going crazy not having any kind of covering on our sliding glass door and we fell in love with a specific color at first sight. Even though we don't have blinds upstairs yet, we just thought the curtains were a good idea right now (we can manage with our paper blinds upstairs for a bit longer!) will allow us to start feeling like our great room is actually put together and that we can start to decorate. Plus this was more of a "fun" purchase and we've been doing a lot of necessity purchases lately.

Restoration Hardware has beautiful drapery options. They'll even send you as many samples as you want for free (no shipping charges!). Without even telling each other what our favorite was, we both decided on the darkest color in the opaque Belgian linen style. They should be here next week, we're so excited!

For some reason our walls look really tan in this pic. They really change color depending on the lighting and time of day. The more we live in this house with the Revere Pewter wall color, the more we love it! We actually just got a bed quilt that is the exact same color as our walls! (Thanks for the great find, Brooke) :)

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