Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas is almost here!

We've been so busy getting ready for the holidays. Tonight we are hosting the Christmas party for Mike's band, this coming weekend my cousin and her boyfriend (who I am so excited to meet!) are staying with us for Christmas and my grandparents from Minnesota are coming right after that. So excited about all the visitors coming in and the celebrations we are about to have with family. And since the events that happened in CT last week, we have realized that spending time with our family is what is most important. We will be holding our nieces and nephews a bit tighter this holiday season and appreciate the time we get with all of our family, but especially our family members who have devoted their lives to teaching (both our moms, our sister-in-law, aunts, my grandfather, cousins). I may not have cookies baked or been able to come up with as thoughtful of gifts as I would have liked or decorated the house too much, but we will be with our family and that's all we could ask for.

Last week Mike's mom gave us his baby book to look at and I came across this picture of Mike's first visit with Santa. Isn't he just so cute? I'm so hoping our future kids have a full head of curly hair like that rather than the total lack of hair I had (I was basically bald until 5!).

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