Thursday, August 30, 2012

The big day is almost here!

We can hardly believe it, but we are finally closing on our house this weekend! We've been "homeless" for exactly four months now, so we are definitely ready for this next step. This process has been going on since the first of the year. Now that it is actually here, we almost feel like we can restart our lives we've been on pause for four months. We're so anxious to get settled in and start this new journey!

Today is my last day of work without a real office...and then I will get to work here! I love all the windows (six in all) and that I will have a great view out to the front. The office is also set off a bit from the rest of the house, so there is a definite feeling of separation. We always talk about how perfect the layout of this house is for us. I'm not sure we could have found something that hit all the marks on our wish list like this house did. After months of dreaming about it (8 to be exact), it is TIME!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Paint Options

As we approach our close date, we talk more and more about paint colors for the main areas of the house (we'd like to do something different in the bathrooms and bedrooms...those will come in time). We love the "greige" paint colors, but finding the perfect combo between tan and gray will be tricky! Our biggest concerns are we don't want it to have too much yellow or too much blue in the tint and also that it is light enough to still keep the house bright, but dark enough so it doesn't just look white. Here are a few of our favorite wall colors that we've found on Pinterest.

And then we came across these pictures on Pinterest and thought it might look nice to paint the back of our front door a shade of black to coordinate with our cabinets.

Any thoughts or suggestions? We hope to get a majority of the house painted within the first few weeks of living there so we're not feeling like we're living in a white box. :)

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend Update

We had a pretty busy weekend this past week with a big birthday celebration, first birthday party and bridal shower. We had so much fun seeing tons of friends and family!
(Starting from top left, to right)
On Saturday, our wonderful friends Tyler and Kelsey's daughter, Piper, turned one! The party was so adorable, lady bug theme. Kelsey did a great job with all the decor and the food was amazing. Mike has known Tyler since he was about 19 and they met through a mutual friend. Kelsey and I really hit it off and so the four of us have really started to become a lot closer over the years. They actually live in our soon-to-be neighborhood, so we're pretty excited that we'll have some great friends within walking distance. Our kids will even be going to school together one day!

After Piper's party, we of course stopped by the house. The cabinets are in, tile is done, carpet is in and the lights turn on. We're not sure what's up with the white can lights they've put in, but we will definitely be changing that. Makes it feel cold and stark like an office, yuck.

In the afternoon on Saturday I had a bridal shower for my friend Brianne. Mike went to elementary school and junior high (?) with Brianne and his mom was actually her teacher one year! I got to be friends with Brianne through the "group" and I'm so glad I've gotten to know her so much better over the last year! I designed her wedding save the dates and invites, I'm dying to show them off to everyone. She really knew what she wanted and was asking for something so unique. So excited for their wedding! (The bridal shower theme was big hats, but I unfortunatley didn't have one) :(

On Sunday we did one big birthday celebration for my mom, brother and Brooke. We decided to do a pizza making party, it was really so much fun! We got pretty excited about the pizzas and made about three pizzas too many, so we all took home leftovers. My mom made my brother's favorite dessert, cherry cheesecake, but I knew she'd want something chocolate so we picked up a mini espresso mousse cake from Whole Foods just for her. :)

Such a busy, but fun weekend!

House Progress: August 16

We kinda skipped over the phase where they put the stone on the exterior...every time we came to see the house, there seemed to be a vehicle parked directly in front of it. Look how beautiful everything is coming along though! We are loving the greige color of our exterior with the cream trim. That's pretty much what we want to carry through to the interior, but just slightly lighter. All the walls on the inside are painted as well, the cabinets are installed and when this picture was taken they were finishing up the tile. We chose a fairly light tile color and were a bit nervous about it, but we are incredibly happy with how it turned out! We were told that today they were installing our granite, so expect more pictures to come in the next few days. :)

So glad I'm caught up with blogging (for now), now I just need to catch up on emails, my pen pals (via snail mail) and a few wedding projects before the big move. Only 12 days left!

House Progress: August 3

So I fell really behind in blogging, oops. We've been busy and extremely anxious. I've also been very out of sorts with my office being set up still at my parents' house, but also working from my in-laws' (where we are living now).

This pictures is from August 3, we were pretty excited about the stucco on the outside, it really began to look like an actual house at this point!