Monday, October 29, 2012

Farmer's Market, Brunch and a DIY

Lately Mike has been working a ton (music at night and teaching during the day). It's been great since the summer was a bit slow, but that means we have less time with each other, especially at the typical times that couples are usually together. Since the weather is so nice and my goal has been to slow down a bit, we decided to head to the Gilbert Farmer's Market and eat brunch at Postinos afterwards. It was so nice to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather and each other. (We just love the patio at Postinos in Gilbert, we want to have trellises in our backyard like in the picture and you can almost see the green tile fireplace that I just love behind Mike...inspiration everywhere!)

Saturday afternoon I finally got around to making our fall wreath for the front door. My mom and I had taken a trip to Hobby Lobby last week to gather supplies for fall decor. Sometimes its so difficult to find decor there that I like, but once you modify it and take it out of all the clutter in the store, it looks pretty good! This wreath cost about $27 in supplies. I bought a twig wreath (not in the fall decor and used a coupon), one leaf garland (also not in the fall decor and also used a coupon on this) and then picked up a few berry and mixed sprays in the fall area. I took the sprays apart so they weren't clustered up. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! Now for all the other seasons I can take these items off and use Christmas/winter, spring and summer items!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weekend Happenings

This past weekend, Mike had an out-of-town wedding in Tucson, so I spent a bit of time alone and with my family. Before he left, we went to the hospital to visit with our new nephew Cruz and our sister-in-law Tana. Cruz is the sweetest little baby, I just loved snuggling with him!

On Saturday I spent some time cooking and packaging up meals to bring over to Steve and Tana. My sister-in-law Brooke also made a few meals, so together we loaded them up with nearly a week's worth of goodies. It was really fun getting all the meals together, but also so difficult not to eat any of it! I have decided that during the weekends and nights that Mike is gone, I will start making freezer meals and prep food in advance for ourselves...that is if I can get away from the tv and off the sofa. ;)

Saturday night I went with my sister-in-law, parents, niece and nephew to their neighborhood's fall festival. It was really fun hanging out with my not-so-little nephew and hearing all of the funny new things he is saying and watching my niece be a pre-teen girl (hang out with her group of friends and get chased around by boys). I can't believe how fast they have grown up!

When Mike got back into town, we made a delicious dinner of ribs, sweet potatoes and our new favorite side, grilled veggies. Seriously, they are so easy, all you do is cut them up into big chunks, coat them with some olive oil, salt and pepper and lay them on the grill until they have nice grill marks and are soft. Best tasting veggie side ever!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Welcome, Cruz!

Mike's brother had their baby this morning and he is just so ridiculously adorable. Welcome to the world, Cruz! We love you!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Sarah's Bridal Shower

This past weekend I hosted my friend, Sarah's bridal shower along with the other bridesmaid (my friend Liz) and the bride's sister/matron of honor. Sarah's wedding is an outdoor rustic backyard wedding and is somewhat casual, so we wanted to give her a shower that would be a bit more formal and glam, but still had a playful and casual side to it, so we went with a pink glam carnival theme. Everything turned out so well and the bride loved every detail!

I couldn't be happier for Sarah and Doug as they begin their married lives together. It was so fun planning this for Sarah and having her friends and family over to shower her with love and gifts. Less than two months until the wedding!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

As of lately...

The past few weeks have been rough. In college, I had a lot of anxiety that I learned to deal with through meditation and yoga. Since then I've really learned how to deal with it quite well, but the past few months have been a bit stressful to say the least. I won't go into detail, but I'm just so happy that I have this amazing husband who truly helps me with my anxiety (oh and him doing the dishes is a plus too!).

Over the past few days, I've really done a lot of thinking about how to calm my mind and feel more at ease. After talking it through with Mike and freinds, I've come to the conclusion that a few things need to happen:
• Relax. Sounds easy, but sometimes I get so caught up in my to-do list and everything that needs to get done and keeping the house spotless (and stressing when it's not), that I forget to just chill a bit. And when I am relaxing, to not worry about what needs to be done or feeling guilty because those things aren't being done. Everyone needs a break!
• Go on a trip. It feels like we desperately need time away and just with each other. A day trip up north would have sufficed, but we're excited that we get to go to San Francisco in December!
• Healthy routine. This means getting an exercise routine back and watching what I eat. For the most part we eat healthy at home, but its the small things I need to watch that make me feel not so great. It's also so nice outside, that it's time to get the bike tires pumped and get out there. It's amazing how eating habits and exercise can affect your mental well-being.
• Learning to say no. I love being involved in everything, but it ends up causing me more stress than anything. I need to learn when to say no and feel like it's ok to do so.
• Focusing on us. I spend a lot of time on my own since Mike works evenings and nights. I'm ok with this schedule since it allows us to be together all day and when we do have kids, it really is the perfect scenario for childcare, but sometimes it causes me to tag along with others and focus a bit too much on what is going on with everyone else and helping them instead of what is going on with us and doing stuff for ourselves.
• Do things that we enjoy. There are a lot of things that we haven't done recently that I wish we were (hiking, farmer's market, day trips, shopping, decorate for the holidays). I guess this relates back to focusing on ourselves, but also making sure I have time to do things with and for others that I enjoy doing (spending time with family...especially our nieces and nephews, helping friends with their weddings, invitations, lunch/dinner with friends).

Yesterday was a big day for me to catch up on life and get a few items back in order. It felt so good to accomplish things and make my way through a hefty to-do list, it actually helped me relax at night. There is still a lot out of order and things that need to be done, but we'll get there...and learn to chill out while doing it. :)

Prepping for the Bridal Shower!

Just a little project I have been working on lately, along with one of my bffs and the bride's sister. This Saturday is the bridal shower for my lovely friend Sarah! I WILL remember to take pics at this party. Lots of details to get ready!

In other news, my dear friend Lyz is also engaged! I couldn't be more excited for her and her fiance, David. He is wonderful and I couldn't imagine a better guy for her. :)

Housewarming Party

A few weeks ago we hosted a housewarming party for family and a few friends. We had so much fun giving tours of the house and finally having everyone see our new place! My brother provided us with a frozen margarita machine and we made carnitas tacos. We were so busy entertaining our guests that we forgot to take pictures! I finally remembered when all that was left was a mess and an exhausted husband. :-/

House Updates: Powder Bathroom Fixtures

Just a few quick updates on the house... We switched out the ugly shiny silver fixtures in the downstairs powder bathroom for oil-rubbed bronze fixtures. We had the builder install the standard fixtures in that room because we weren't sure what the upgraded option would look like. We had them upgraded in our master bath though and were actually pretty happy with how they looked. I'm still glad we didn't do it downstairs, I just love the feel of that light fixture (yes, we changed the bulbs later so it didn't look so funny) and the uniqueness of the faucet.

It's exciting seeing different rooms getting our personal touch added to them, makes it feel like home! We are close to feeling like we are ready to hang things on the walls and find decor items, but just want to take our time and make sure what we pick out is "right"!