Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nursery Ideas

Lately we've started thinking more about the nursery and how we will lay it out and decorate it. We will be finding out if Baby B is a boy or girl (there's no way I could be that patient and wait until they are born!), so we won't be doing much decorating until then, but I have definitely been pinning ideas. I always knew I wanted the crib and furniture to be white, but I thought I'd want to use bright, cheery colors with a modern feel. For some reason after we found out we were pregnant, my mind completely changed and I decided I wanted soft, peaceful "baby" colors with more of a traditional feel.

First, the crib. We've already had drama in this area and I won't expand too much on it, but we bought a crib during the Target baby sale (it was an awesome deal!), brought it home, opened it up and were completely disappointed in the quality. We decided we don't want to put our baby in a crib with chalky paint that rubs off and splinters on the bars, so we returned it. I think that made us realize that it's worth it to spend a bit more on the crib and save in other areas. We looked around a bit at other cribs and noticed how nice and smooth the finish is on them and realized that this is what we had to look for. I fell in love with a Pottery Barn Kids crib and will be taking Mike there soon to check it out. It's so beautiful, sturdy, great quality and fits the style that we are looking for.

For the colors of the room, I have a few ideas in mind and images to use for inspiration. For a girl, I'd like to do soft peach colors, tiny bits of pale coral/pink, gray, tan, brown and white.

If we have a boy, I'm looking at colors that are more gray/blue with touches of yellow, or maybe orange.

We'll have to wait to start shopping and planning until the end of March when we find out! For now we'll keep researching collecting basics that are gender neutral. :)

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