Monday, March 4, 2013

14 week Ultrasound

Today we had an ultrasound to check how we are measuring with our due date. It was so amazing to see our little baby and watch him/her move around! Baby is measuring perfect with our due date and looks very healthy! Mike got two amazing videos with baby moving around and the tech pointing out different things on the screen. Baby was moving around enough to get different views, but not so much to where we didn't get a clear view. We saw a beautiful profile view, a frontal view of the face and then baby decided to moon us and show off their booty a bit! It was so amazing to see our baby on the screen and moving around, we are so in love already!

5 more weeks and we find out if Baby B is a boy or girl! Plans for the gender reveal party for our family are under way. Everyone keeps asking me if I have a gut feeling and I really haven't had one. After today I have a better feeling on one way vs the other, but I'm not expert at these ultrasounds so I could be completely wrong! (and maybe it's too early?)

Any initial guesses from these pics? I think it's pretty impossible to tell from these, but it's fun to guess! :)

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