Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mom Judgements

Today I ran across this blog post from Hellobee and although our baby is not even born yet, the basis behind the post has already hit home. There are so many decisions to make that it becomes incredibly overwhelming and then realizing that you are being critiqued on those decisions makes it even harder! (Where will baby sleep? How soon will they move to their crib? BabyWise - yay or nay? Cloth or disposables? Glass or plastic bottles? What name will you pick? etc, etc, etc) People warned me that part of being a mom is being judged on every move you make and every decision you follow, but I had no idea how it would actually feel (hormones, anyone?!). Mix that with hearing the same things over and over (you are going to be miserable this summer, just wait till XY or Z happens, baby will make these decisions for you, etc) makes it for a very frustrating time. It makes me so sad that this exists in motherhood. It should be a time of joy, excitement, discovery and learning filled with lots of support, not judgements and feelings of guilt or anxiety.

Some words of advice that I got are that every mom, parent, baby and situation is different. This is so true and what worked for one person may not work for everyone and that's ok! This is something I need to remember as we make decisions for our family and our baby.

I do have to say that we are very thankful for some wonderful support from our families and close friends. We have received some amazing and wonderful advice and encouragement that we are truly thankful for. Baby B is so loved, we couldn't ask for anything more than that! :)

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