Friday, April 5, 2013

2nd Anniversary

It's hard to believe, but Tuesday was our two year wedding anniversary! Time has really flown by, but a lot has also happened in those two years. We built our dream home, are on our way to starting a family, learned a ton about each other and have fallen even more in love with each other.

This week was extremely busy, so we didn't plan anything extravagant. Mike had to work that night, so we went out to dinner at the Keg here in Gilbert. After dinner he had to leave and I was pretty well set for bed. :) This year's traditional gift is cotton, so a few weeks ago we ordered fabric for curtains for our living room. They are still on backorder, but should be here mid-April! We had a great time, those simple gestures of love and quiet local dinners are sometimes best.

In other news, my 3-year-old nephew has officially declared me as "big". ;) I was hugging him bye at Easter and he said to me, "You're so big!" Obviously if I wasn't pregnant this wouldn't be a compliment, but I was pretty excited that he is starting to notice a change. I told him that Baby B is in my belly and he started rubbing it. So cute!

And finally, we officially know the gender of Baby B!! Tonight is our gender reveal dinner with our families, so we will be posting a picture and announcing after that. It's amazing how different things feel now that baby has more of an identity. Finding out was one of the most exciting times, it's like our lives and family is taking shape and we can see a bit of how our future will play out. Stay tuned!

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