Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nursery Inspiration

Before we found out Baby B is a girl, I had already started compiling ideas for the nursery. I'm not sure if it was intuition or what, but for some reason I had so many more ideas for a girl nursery than a boy nursery. :) There was one image in particular that I love and have been using for inspiration:
I just love the softness of it and how feminine it is without screaming pastel baby pink. We borrowed the idea for the wall and curtain colors and are adding in other pops of color that coordinate well with the creamy peach/rose pink.
1) This is the fabric we are using for the curtains. The color is called rose and we love that it is clearly pink, but more of a dusty pink color that can grow with her as she gets older.

2) We decided on the paint color called French Cream. The sample areas we have painted look much lighter than what shows on the screen. It's the perfect creamy peach color that we were searching for!

3) The crib skirt will be made out of this fabric. We just love how the pale yellow looks with the peach/rose palette, plus it is gender neutral enough to use for future babies. :) My mom and I are going to attempt to make an adjustable crib skirt so that we can raise it as the mattress is lowered.

4) My mom wants to attempt to make a floor pillow pouf, so we decided this is the perfect place to throw in a pop of navy blue with a rose colored trim. I love accents of navy blue and pairing it with white polka dots makes it girly!

5) Ah, this hook is just awesome. I love how it fits with everything, but I'm not sure where I'd put it or what I'd use it for. Will have to think about that one still, but it gives the inspiration board a feminine vibe.

6) This is the shelf we picked up from Ikea. It is super skinny and tall and perfect for the wall next to the window for the baby monitor, frames, small books and trinkets.

7) Above the dresser/changing table (also white from Ikea), we want to do a collage of white, gold, tan and brown frames. We have some fun ideas of what we will frame, more to come on that. :)

8) I love how woven baskets look on this inspiration board, especially with the caning of the rocker. This basket is from Pottery Barn so it is crazy expensive for a nursery, but I'm hoping to find a cheaper version elsewhere. This will be on the floor and used for blanket, toy and misc storage.

9) I definitely want to find or attempt to make a ruffled pillow for the rocker. The perfect touch of girly!

10) We love the way those Ikea spice racks display books and we definitely want plenty of books for our kids, so these are perfect (and cheap!). We will be painting them white...we think.

11) My mom and I picked up a rocker similar to this back last Fall before we were even trying to get pregnant! It was $15 at a garage sale and we couldn't resist. It is the same rocker my mom had with my brother and I when we were little, so it has some sentimental meaning to it.

12) Oh yes, the lovely Pottery Barn Kids crib we picked out back in February. Still love it and it fits in perfect with this room!

We are starting to paint, ordering the fabrics and getting the furniture together. More to come from the nursery!


  1. So did you decide against painting the rocker? I think the natural wood looks lovely with the peach colors. So pretty!

    1. Yes, we're going to keep it as is. I'm too nervous I'll mess it up if I attempt anything and once we started painting, I realized it looks pretty nice with all the other colors. :)