Friday, May 3, 2013

Coconut Oil

Since researching different baby products, I've started to become more aware of what we are putting on and in our bodies and am getting curious about natural alternatives. I guess you could say I'm getting a little crunchy here (cloth diapers, glass bottles, minimizing plastic, homemade baby food), but once you start looking into one thing, you start learning more about the others. And once you learn about it, it's really hard to look the other way and keep using it. Example, Johnson's baby products. I had no idea they use so many dangerous chemicals!

We really haven't taken many steps in switching to natural products, but we plan to start with natural baby products from the beginning. We're also starting to find all the amazing uses for baking soda and vinegar and would like to start using those in our cleaning products. Recently we deodorized our sofa with baking soda, it worked like a charm!

Something that I just started using is coconut oil. I can't even tell you how many great things I've heard about it, so I thought I should give it a try. So far I have tried adding it to my cooking, but have only used it in my quinoa breakfast. It's really tasty and I hope to use it in smoothies and stir fry soon! The biggest reason I wanted to try coconut oil though is for my dry skin. This pregnancy has left me with very dry itchy skin (or maybe its the two showers a day I started getting obsessed with?), plus my stomach is obviously expanding and drying out. I've used it on my skin for two days in a row now and I can already tell a difference! No more itching, the dry skin is definitely going down and my skin is much more smooth. Fortunately I don't have any stretch marks yet, but this stuff is supposed to be great at preventing and even fading them. All I do is put it on right when I get out of the shower, before even drying off. I thought for sure I'd go to bed being all oily and gross, but it really does absorb fast this way. Plus, it smells great. :)
I heard that Costco carried coconut oil (the organic and unrefined kind which is better for cooking), so I picked some up there. Holy giant tub, it is 78 oz and was $22. Apparently this is a great price and I think this stuff will last us for a while.

Other uses we will try coconut oil for:
• Preventing stretch marks (need to keep this up!)
• Cradle cap on baby
• Replacement for lanolin (sorry for the TMI, but I hear it work so well for this)
• Hair conditioner (going to try this soon)
• Diaper rash
• Baby's dry skin and/or eczema
• Consuming for milk production while nursing
• Morning sickness relief when the next baby comes along

Here are some other links to even more uses for coconut oil:

Have you tried using coconut oil before? If so, what other uses have you found for it?

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  1. I bought for craddle cap... put on after a bath... did leave the hair a bit oily but worth it