Monday, May 20, 2013

Nursery Updates

Today we ordered a few items for the walls in the nursery! We had a Crate & Barrel gift card, so we went ahead and ordered the oval mirror pictured above and the kraft paper letters that you see sitting on the dresser. I'm excited because I think the mirror will be something that can grow with her. The mirror will go above the rocker and the letters will go above the crib. I guess this means we are somewhat committing to a name?! Still haven't decided if the letters will stay in the kraft paper or get painted white.

I took this picture on my phone a few weeks ago, but sadly there has not been any progress since then. The room has been painted for a while now and we started buying frames for the photo collage above the dresser, but that is pretty much it. All the fabric has come in for the curtains, crib skirt and floor pouf, but my mom and I haven't gotten very far with those projects. We also have the Ikea spice racks that will go above the rocker, to the right of the dresser, but we want to hang up the frame collage first. It's definitely coming together with colors and style, it's just a matter of getting some projects completed. Can't wait to share the finished product! :)

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