Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Favorite Yellow Dress

The other day I was at my parents' house and my mom and I looked through my baby box to see if there was anything we may want to use for baby girl (for sentimental value of course). We found some pretty funny stuff in the box – school projects from 1st and 2nd grade that include some people I'm still friends with today! Unfortunately anything with elastic just didn't hold up, but we did find a white bonnet, shiny black mary jane shoes, denim overalls and this adorable yellow dress that my mom made for my birthday. (Is this my 1st or 2nd birthday, mom? It's hard to tell because I just never had any hair.)

My mom is great at sewing, something I never seemed to master quite like her, and she made quite a few of my dresses when I was younger. I still remember every Sunday at church people would ask me if my mom made my dress and when I said yes, they were always impressed. This yellow sundress was definitely one of my favorites along with the plaid Christmas dress that had a full skirt (so fun to twirl in!) and the blue stripe dress with yellow ducks on it that I ruined while using the roller racers (we found similar fabric for a sundress for baby girl!). I'm so thankful she saved this yellow dress though. It is still in great shape so we decided to hang it up in baby girl's room. It fits perfectly with everything and I wish I could share a picture, but we are so close to having the room done and Mike says no more pictures until it is completely done. :) So, I guess stay tuned for nursery pics in the next few weeks!

It's scary to think that this dress is now considered vintage, isn't it?!

P.S. We totally missed the belly pic at 28 weeks. Looks like we'll just wait until 30 weeks! :)

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