Monday, June 17, 2013

Our ER-filled Father's Day Weekend

Yup, baby girl's dad really does rock. Not only on stage at work, but in being the best husband and daddy! I insist that this IS his first Father's Day and that he IS already a dad. This weekend was definitely proof of that.

Friday night we decided to eat at Rubio's before Mike left for work because I had a free birthday coupon. Later that night he left for work and I went to bed not feeling quite right. But, I meditated myself into sleep and thought all would be well in the morning. Turns out, not so much. I woke up at 12:30am so sick. Won't go into detail, that's how gross it was. Mike was still at work, so I was up texting him until he was done. I pretty much "got sick" every hour. By 4am we decided it was time to go to the hospital since I wasn't keeping fluids down. Also, after every "sick" moment, I was having a tightening/cramping in my belly and back pain...we were a little concerned that those were contractions (figuring out now that they were probably Braxton Hicks).

We got to the hospital around 4am, so happy we live only 3 miles away! They admitted me into labor and delivery and made us sit in the registration office for a while answering questions. I was just watching the clock, waiting for that next hour to hit, hoping I wouldn't get sick all over this lady's desk. They finally took me into a triage room and monitored baby to first make sure she was ok. We weren't too concerned that she was in distress since I could feel her moving so much. They found the heartbeat and concluded that I wasn't having contractions, so they moved us in to the ER. On our way over there, we noticed the sun coming up...couldn't believe we stayed up the entire night.

In the ER they took forever checking my vitals and had to redo them since I got sick in the middle of it. Sigh...they moved a little slow for my liking at that point. They finally got the IV in me (something I was a little terrified of) and pumped with me some zofran for the nausea and a ton of fluids since I was extremely dehydrated. By then it was 7am and we knew Mike had to get home to try and get some sleep. Turns out Saturday he had a show in Morenci which was 4 hours away! He had to leave around 10am, drive 4 hours and then play for 4 hours. Since we knew everything was going to be ok for me, I was getting more concerned for him getting through that day. After all, he did have a dizzy/dehydrated/tired fainting spell the weekend before after a show.

Mike left around 7:30am and his mom showed up shortly after so I would have someone with me and to take me home. It was so great to have her there so I wasn't alone! I did forget to mention that my whole family was out of town this weekend...perfect timing, right? :-/

I finally got home at 10:30am. My mom decided to leave her trip at the lake to come stay with me since Mike was going to be gone all day and overnight. Seriously wouldn't have recovered as much as I did without her. She brought over all my favorite "sick" foods like 7up, Jello and chicken and rice soup. Funny how I never eat those things unless I'm sick! She stayed the whole day with me and spent the night, she is amazing!

Mike got back around noon on Father's Day and I had gained some of my energy back so we were able to have a decent Father's Day. We went to his parents' house that evening for dinner and spent time with his whole family.

This weekend made me extremely grateful for our awesome moms! Things would have been much more difficult without them. More than anything, I am so much more grateful for this amazing man that I get to call my husband. Our daughter is the luckiest girl that she gets to have him as her daddy. He is so calm and patient, but also so wise and in charge in the moments when we need him to be. I have always struggled with anxiety and panic attacks, especially when sick or getting poked with needles. He kept me so calm and reminded me of our breathing techniques we learned in birthing classes. Maybe this weekend was a test run for later this summer when baby girl arrives? I definitely have been rid of some of my fears of things to happen during labor after this weekend and was able to see my husband's strength and companionship.

Happy first Father's Day Mike! We love you!


  1. Aw, I am so sorry you were sick! That must have been awful being so ill while pregnant. Glad you are feeling better!

    1. Thanks Ami! Just so relieved all is well with baby!