Monday, July 15, 2013

Nursery Progress

This weekend we finally received a print in the mail that we ordered from this Etsy shop! We were so anxious to get it in the wood frame that's been sitting on the floor to see how it looked in the room (we didn't even finish taking the price sticker off, oops!). We also just found the final fabric to complete the room (pictured bottom left) and we'll be using this for the changing pad cover and the quilt.

Things are finally coming together in the nursery, but we still have quite a few things left to do! Since I'm not sharing pictures from not until it is completed, I'll just share a list of all the things done and what is left to do:

• Crib: We've had the crib for a long time, we purchased the mattress, a fitted sheet and my mom and I will be sewing the adjustable crib skirt at the end of this month.
• Bookshelves: The painted Ikea spice racks are done, hung up and filled with books! The taller white shelf that is holding more books (we got a ton for our shower!) and other toys and trinkets is ready to be hung up, but just hasn't been done yet.
• Mirror: We hung up the Land of Nod mirror that we ordered, it is so cute and the perfect spur of the moment addition.
Dresser: We've had this set up for a while, but still nothing inside. The changing pad is sitting on top, but needs to be mounted on and we need to sew the cover for it. We have a yellow lamp and blue/gray rose frame on it as well. I was going to fill the dresser with our cloth diaper stash, but I realized we won't be changing her much in her room until she is a bit older anyways. Diapers will stay downstairs with a few night time ones in our room. Above the dresser we are planning a collage of frames where the above print will be. We have almost all of the frames and are going to work on getting them filled and on the wall this weekend.
• Rocker: This was the first item we purchased (we weren't even pregnant yet, but it was too good of a garage sale deal to pass up!). The floor poof/foot rest by the rocker is completed thanks to my mom and we are going to put together a pillow for the rocker that matches the poof. I love that hint of navy blue in a peachy pink room!
• Curtains: Mostly done, just need a few more clips and finish hemming them up.
• Closet: Not even close to being done. I still have to wash all of her clothes, but am waiting until our water softener is installed. I'll be hanging her outfits in the closet, separated by size, but the basics like onesies and socks will be in the dresser. We also plan on getting a few storage containers for the top shelf so we can throw clothes in them when she outgrows them. We really don't have much else to store in the closet right now and I have a feeling her dresser will be pretty empty for a while too. We really didn't receive too many clothes at the shower and I'm trying to be selective on what we buy until we know how big she is and what season we'll need to shop for in each size. Mike is convinced she has plenty of clothes, but I'm not so sure.
• Name: We have had the letters to hang her name on the wall above her crib for a while, but recently finalized the name. We still have to paint them in the same blue/gray color as the changing table and shelves and then we will hang it up.

Seems like a lot left to do, but it's really almost done! A few days of sewing, frame filling and arranging and we will be done!

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