Monday, July 29, 2013

One More Month...

Give or take a week or so. (Yes I'm not that naive to think baby will be born on her due date!) We can hardly believe that our daughter will be here in just a few short weeks. Now it feels like time is flying, but when I think about it, I've been pregnant for so long...all year actually! I thought it'd be nice to compile a list of things I've learned during this pregnancy, just as a way to look back.

1) Sometimes there is no solution to cure morning sickness and the woes of first trimester! Looking back, I can't figure out how we survived.

2) Every pregnancy, birth, woman and baby is different! After hearing and reading a million different things, most of which contradict each other, I've learned you really just have to find what fits you and works for you and go with it. This will be something I have to remember once baby is here too...and I feel like others should remember too. ;)

3) Research and education of baby care and birth have been my best friend. Seriously, the more I learn, the more comfortable and confident I have felt. We took quite a few classes about birth, baby care and breastfeeding and every single one has helped us in a huge way!

4) Stop caring what others think. Sometimes I worry I over-post about the pregnancy or the baby, but I've stopped caring. Looking back, I love seeing all the pictures we took and posts I wrote. It's amazing to see our progress and look back on things.

5) Be that supportive, loving and helpful friend to my friends when they are pregnant with their first. There are certain friends and family that I have appreciated during this pregnancy more than they probably know! They are the ones who have given the best advice in a non-critical and open-minded way and were there for me during those rough emotional times when it can sometimes feel hard to relate to others. They have made me feel more part of 'the club of moms' than a rookie who is supposedly clueless. These people have given me the confidence and support I needed to know that I CAN do this! I so want to be that person to my friends someday and remind them of #2. :)

We just have a few things left to do around here before baby girl arrives. This past weekend my mom and I finished nearly all of the sewing for the nursery and we made a list of freezer meals to make this next month. We also completed everything we had left to buy for necessities (which wasn't much, we were really blessed by friends and family!). The two biggest things to do are packing our hospital bag and getting the carseat installed. In reality, those are the only two necessary things to do, but I'd also love to get those freezer meals made, the car cleaned out, nursery finished and the house cleaned. We'll see how far we get with that. 

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