Monday, July 15, 2013

Our Cloth Diaper Stash

A few weeks ago we received our co-op order for our newborn cloth diapers to finish off our diaper stash! Well, we're done buying for now, until she grows out of the newborn sizes.

We decided that we want to try a variety of styles during the newborn phase to find out what we like and what we will want to invest more in. I've had a few people ask me how these diapers work, so maybe this list will explain it a bit? Also, if you're a cloth diapering mom, I'd love to hear if you think we are missing anything! Here's what we have in the stash:

Newborn Diapers:
• 3 Thirsties aplix covers, 1 Rumparooz snap cover (yep, that's the cute plaid one)
• 12 Cloth-eez organic prefolds: These are what most people think of when they hear cloth diapers. I've heard they are great for the newborn phase, they are cheap and they can also be used as burp cloths and inserts for pocket diapers later on. (to use with a cover)
• 1 Cloth-eez Workhorse fitted: A friend of mine highly recommended these and I wanted to try them without investing a ton of money into them. If we like them, we'll consider buying the next size up in the future so they last longer. (to use with a cover)
• 2 Bumkins contour fitteds: These were highly recommended at the cloth diaper class we took at Zoolikins so I decided to try a few. They simply slide into the cover and that's it. They also have a pocket inside of them so you can add a doubler for extra absorbency and you can stick the entire thing in a pocket diaper after the newborn phase. (to use with a cover)
• 8 newborn size diapers in a mix of all-in-ones and pockets in a mix of microfiber and bamboo with a mix of snaps and velcro (the snap ones have a snap down option for the umbilical cord). These are the ones we ordered from the co-op and since they were so inexpensive, I let myself order some girl specific prints and colors. These are supposed to be the easiest diapers to use, but will only fit her when she's really small. We're hoping they at least give us an idea of if we like AIOs or pockets.
• 1 fitted hemp: This is also from the co-op and I just ordered one so I could see how well hemp really absorbs. (to use with a cover)

One-Size Diapers:
• 2 Charlie Banana pockets: You can't see them in the pic, they're hiding behind the newborn AIOs. We received these for our shower and I've heard rave reviews about them so I'm anxious to try them. They probably won't fit her until she is at least 10 pounds or her legs chunk up a bit.
• 3 BumGenius pockets: We also received these at our shower and I have also heard rave reviews about them. I'm anxious to compare them to each other.
• 1 Kawaii pocket: Hand me down from a friend who decided not to cloth diaper. It's in a cute floral print, yay!
• 1 one-size pocket from the co-op. It was so cheap to order them, that I figured I should try a larger size one as well to see how they worked.

Other Items:
• 2 large wet bags for the changing stations, 2 small wet bags for travel. This is where the dirty diapers will go as they wait to be washed.
• 3 Snappis: Used to hold the prefold diapers together.
• CJ's Butter: The lady at Zoolikins recommended a tiny jar to use at first in case we get any diaper rash, but she says we really shouldn't see much with cloth diapers.
• Rockin Green: We're going to try this detergent for cleaning them. I've heard positives and negatives, but Zoolikins recommends it so I thought we'd try it.
• Glass spray bottle & Baby Bits wipe solution
• Lots of cloth wipes that we picked up at Ross (not pictured)

Also pictured are the blankets we received from our shower. We got a few flannel receiving blankets which will be great when it gets cooler out and to lay on the sofa and carpet. We also were lucky enough to get two packs of Aiden + Anais swaddling blankets which I'm super excited about! We plan to use them for swaddling, a lightweight blanket in the summer, nursing cover, etc, etc. The uses are endless with those blankets!

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