Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Daytime Naps & Spicy Foods

Sunday was Mike's day off and we figured this may be the last time to go on a real date and enjoy the day together for a while, so we took advantage of it. We went to the mall and did lots of walking (I wore yoga pants and tennis shoes, cute, I know), some shopping for him (new dad clothes!) and some ice cream for me. Then we went to his parents' house and spent the afternoon napping and swimming in the pool. It was so refreshing to get some relief from the heat and to take the pressure off my hips! We wanted to go somewhere not close to home for dinner, so we went to Culinary Dropout in Scottsdale. It was delicious – I had the spicy curry to try and move things along a bit...oh and it was tasty too. Such a fun day, so glad we got one more of those fun relaxing days in before baby makes her big arrival! (Because, you know, EVERYONE keeps telling us "life is over" after baby gets here) ;)

Yesterday we had an ultrasound to see how big Baby B is. Now, let me start by saying that nearly everyone told us she would be a big baby. I was close to 9lbs at birth and Mike was 10lbs (my brother was also 10lbs and I have other relatives who were huge too). At the ultrasound, they told us she is on the smaller side, 6lbs 4oz and in the 16th percentile. This really shocked us and it made me emotional. I started to worry that I wasn't doing something right and then I felt guilty for wanting to get her out because I thought she needed more time to grow in there. Well, this morning we had our appointment with Dr B and she said there is no reason for concern being in the 16th percentile (anything under the 10th percentile is when there is concern) and as long as she keeps growing in that "smaller baby" range or above, everything was ok. My belly measurements have been perfect too, so she wasn't concerned. We have another ultrasound on Monday, just to see how she's progressing. Dr B says that it's just the opposite of what I was thinking about baby being inside to grow, you actually want to get a small baby out!

We very well could have our baby next week as we have even more progress than last week and the Dr took some measures to move things along (as are we!). It shouldn't feel this crazy to us that she'll be here soon because our due date is next week Friday, but it's just so surreal. I can't believe we get to meet our little peanut so soon! :)

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