Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom/Grandma!

Today is my mom's birthday! I can hardly believe she is almost exactly 30 years older than me...she looks amazing, doesn't she?! We celebrated this past weekend with the whole family on a staycation, so much fun!

It's pretty crazy that I'm almost the exact age my mom was when she had her first baby, 30 years apart and get this, my due date is only two days after her due date was with my brother! You always hear "you're turning into your mother" in such a negative way, but I'd be honored to take that on. :) She's always been a great mom, but it's not until this pregnancy that I really started to see and understand that. Baby girl is pretty lucky to have her as a grandma!

Speaking of birthdays, we had our first exam appointment with the doctor today. No dialation, but 50% effaced and baby's head is engaged. Of course this doesn't mean she's necessarily coming out anytime soon, but it's definitely going in the right direction! Back when we found out we are due in late August, we realized her birthday is going to fall right in the middle of tons of birthdays on both sides of the family. It's been kind of fun to guess who's birthday she could land on. :) I can tell you now I don't think it will be my mom's, this Sunday is Mike's brother's, my sister-in-law Brooke's is the 29th, my brother's is September 2 and our sister-in-law Lily's is September 11 (please don't wait until the 11th baby girl, we want to meet you sooner!). The anticipation is building!

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