Monday, August 5, 2013

Life Comes at You Fast

This past week has felt like an entire month. We started off last weekend with Mike traveling for four days for work to Lake Tahoe and Vegas. I was a little nervous about him being gone for so long since I was 35 weeks at the time, so I stayed with my parents...just in case this girl decided to show up early and so I wouldn't be so bored and lonely at home. Fortunately the weekend flew by and my mom and I were able to get a ton of sewing done for the nursery!

Right before Mike left for his trip though, we found out that has uncle passed away. Fortunately he was back in time for the funeral and it was a wonderful day to celebrate Tio Bomby. I'm grateful we were both able to attend, but as soon as the reception was over, I had to head home and finish sending a magazine to press (last magazine before my maternity leave!).

Fortunately we had Thursday and Friday to catch up on life, get some baby stuff put together and clean the house. I even got to see two of my lovely friends Friday night when they came over for dinner! Then, Saturday morning I woke up to Mike telling me that his truck broke down on his way home from work the night before. This happened last year and we learned it was just a battery, but he just seemed to know that this was more serious than that...the engine light was flashing. Fortunately he was able to make it home, but it was a pretty shaky ride. We spent all day Saturday waiting to hear what happened to the truck and when we got the diagnosis, we spent the rest of the day contemplating whether we should fix it or move on.

We didn't really expect the truck to break down this soon, we were hoping to have more time to save up for a new car, but at the same time anyone who knows that truck knows it was on it's last life (I think this was life number 20 or something!). Of course this happened with less than four weeks until our due date so that made things even more stressful. Yes, most of the time a first baby comes on time or late, but you really just never know! We decided we couldn't go with one vehicle when baby is here and the truck just wasn't making sense anymore since it wasn't usable for out of town work trips or taking a baby in, so we started searching for a new vehicle (I secretly had been looking for months...just to see what was out there and to plan for how much we'd need to save of course, ha). This was probably one of the most stressful days we've had since buying our house. I was upset that we had to make such a big decision when all I wanted to do was focus on having our baby!

Sunday morning we saw a vehicle online that we were very interested in and it just happened to be at the Toyota down the road! We decided to "stop in", just to "look real quick" and see what it was all about and MAYBE do a test drive. We looked and test drove a few different vehicles at the dealership...a minivan (definitely not ready for that), full size SUV (we didn't like that it wasn't Toyota, we're hooked!) and then our new car, a small SUV. We absolutely loved it, it drives just like a car and is the perfect size for our little family. The mileage was amazing, it had a certified warranty on it, we got the price down to where we were comfortable and it was in great condition. We knew we just had to do it! Hours later, we were driving off the lot in our new car and headed to our family staycation in Fountain Hills.

The staycation was great and the new car is awesome! While we're definitely ready for the next three weeks to be way more relaxing than this past week, we're so glad everything ended up working out and we're feeling confident in our decisions.

Life keeps happening regardless of what your plans are. This week was a big reminder in that and made me think about how that applies to giving birth and the infamous birth plans. I'm feeling a million different emotions and overly curious about how things will pan out. We definitely have what I call a "birth wishlist", but we are not necessarily in control of everything that is about to happen. The best we can do is pray and make the best decisions as things come up to get to our ultimate goal. Here's to hoping we can start taking it easy before life gets crazy with a little one!


  1. Rav4? My current and last car were Rav4's. I think they're perfect for small families. Do you still have your Prius too?

    1. Hi Kelly! Yes, its an '08 Rav4! We're loving it so far and think it'll be the perfect size for the three of us. We'll see what we decide to do once we expand to a family of 4+. ;) We still have our '08 Prius too...we love Toyota!

    2. 4+ ?! You're a brave woman!

    3. Haha, well we always say 2 or 3 kids...we'll see how it goes ;)