Friday, August 23, 2013

Our Last Few Weeks

Last week we took some basic maternity shots in the (almost finished) nursery. I had just turned 38 weeks and we had already been through a few days of the mild contractions...that are STILL going on. We didn't hire a professional photographer, just used the DSLR camera we have and I helped a bit with the settings. We're actually really happy with how these images turned out, I credit a lot of that to the amazing lighting and color scheme in her room. Oh, and pose ideas via Pinterest. :) I'm so glad we have these couple of shots from the last few weeks before our daughter makes her arrival. It will be a nice way to remember how we were feeling and our anticipation of her arrival.

Speaking of her arrival, I'm getting somewhat frustrated about that. Now I know I'm not technically due for another week, but I've been having cramps, aches and pains for close to two weeks now. Every morning I wake up (at 2am, 4am, 6am...) hoping that they will have turned into full on labor, but no luck. It's like having the strongest day of your period for two weeks straight...while carrying a baby that you feel like could just fall out at any moment. There are times I think we need to start timing the contractions, but then I realize I can't tell when they stop or start or I'll have one strong one and then nothing until later that night. Everyone keeps telling me you "will know" when real labor sets in, so I'm just banking on that. I did wake up with a very sour stomach this morning and lots of back aches and cramps, so maybe this is it? Trying not to get my hopes up.

I'm not-so-secretly dreading this weekend. I've planned a lot of fun stuff with friends to keep me distracted, but all I really want is to meet our daughter. Monday we have another ultrasound to see how she's growing. Tuesday is our last scheduled appointment with the doctor and if she isn't growing as much as the doctor would like, we will probably end up needing to get her out...and we will get to meet her next week! It's not really the plan I imagined or desired, but we went into this trying to stay open about how things were going to go. I guess you could say we planned for our ideal situation, but kept other situations in view too. Our goal is to have a healthy baby and if getting her out sooner than later is what is best for her, then we'll go with that.


  1. You look fabulous! I hope I look half as good as you in 12 weeks!

    1. Thanks Christina! And CONGRATS!!! So happy for you and Christian! :)