Wednesday, August 14, 2013


We still hope to take a few nice maternity pictures to have as keepsakes and to frame for baby girl's nursery, but we're not sure if we'll have time before she's born! These were spur of the moment shots Mike had me pose for with his phone, they may have to do...fridge and all in the background.

We've started our weekly appointments and with each one we've had more and more progress. At yesterday's appointment I was 1cm dilated and 50% effaced. Baby is engaged and ready to go. Her movements and kicks are so low now, it seems as though she could just fall out. Oh, and I'm having contractions. Yup, those 'period cramp' feelings? Dr confirmed that those are actually contractions and we're headed in the right direction. She seemed pretty excited about our progress and everything that's happening. In fact, she took my recent nausea as a great thing. Yay...I think? I just hate the nausea. Last night I had more contractions and for about 30 minutes I was thinking maybe it was time, but they are pretty sporadic still and just my body getting things ready.

Through the pregnancy I've really come to realize how amazing a woman's body and pregnancy are. God is so smart and amazing that he can make these things happen naturally. I always had this fear that I wouldn't be able to get pregnant, that I'd miscarry, that baby wouldn't be healthy or that my body just wouldn't know what to do or how to handle a baby. So far, my body has reacted fairly well but even more amazing is how smart this baby girl already is! She's a quick one...from the very beginning, she was anxious to meet us. ;) She has always measured right on track, cooperated for the ultrasounds, has been head down for months and recently she is responding to us with her kicks. Mike and I already feel like we know parts of her personality, he says she is going to be like me...on a schedule, precise and ready to get down to business.

I always thought we'd go over our due date and have to turn to non-natural methods of induction (and maybe that will still happen, maybe she will end up taking after her dad in the end!), but the further along we get the more we feel like she will be here on-time or even early. Of course, there's no clear way to predict when she will be here, but let's just say we have a small intuition that things will move along early and quickly.

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