Monday, September 9, 2013

First Weekend at Home

Our first weekend with Emma at home was great! Mike is still off work and we had lots of visitors. I just love seeing our niece Leila hold Emma and the excitement on Leila's face. I've always had a close bond with her since we met her at four years old, so this is really special to see her grown up and holding our baby.

So how does it work with bragging about your child? I already feel the need to brag about her, she's doing some great things! This morning her cord fell off (after 6 days, seems early doesn't it?) so now we can move her into all the cloth diapers instead of just a few. That's great because she gets spurts of pooping constantly within 30 minutes so we're going through a lot of Honest Company diapers (expensive!).

We also just had the best night of sleep! She slept in 3.5-4 hour spurts throughout the night. So we had her bedtime feeding/change at 9, woke up at 1 and had some awake time, another at 5:45 and then again at 9am. I've never been so happy to get that much interrupted sleep! We're hoping this continues but won't be holding our breathe. :)

Emma is feeding so well and I'm so proud of her! There was some initial uncomfortableness and getting used to it for me but its pretty good now and rarely hurts (we had a shallow latch for the first day in the hospital, so that caused some soreness that is lingering). According to all her dirty diapers and weight gain after just three days she's obviously getting plenty of milk. This makes me so happy as breastfeeding was one of the most important things to us! It's so tiring and draining on my body, but we're adjusting and I know that this is my main goal right now..just to grow my baby. Learning to rest, nap, eat lots of snacks and constantly drink water is the most challenging part. The actual nursing sessions are my favorite thing ever. It's amazing that my body gives her all the nourishment she needs and calms and soothes her.

Everyday we are in such awe of Emma and can't believe how beautiful and good she is. We feel so blessed.

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