Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Speed Bump in Breastfeeding...

Isn't she just so sweet when she's sleeping? This is her most of the day, but when she is awake lately, it's been a little rough. Emma is such a good baby, but she's been struggling with gas, constant hiccups, irritability during feeding, etc. It's so hard to see her struggle and get upset!

Our pediatrician suggested I try cutting out dairy from my diet to see if that helps her. The lactation consultant agreed that we should try that, so I've been doing that for a week now. Let me tell you, being gluten and dairy free is so difficult, especially when I barely have time to cook as it is!

Fortunately the lactation consultant also noticed that Emma is tongue tied. I can't understand why pediatricians don't check for this, but over time it can cause problems with breastfeeding...something that is so important for us to keep doing for hopefully 12 months plus.

Yesterday we had a consultation with a specialist to confirm the tongue tie. They explained that it can cause all the symptoms that Emma is having. She is getting plenty if milk since I'm so engorged, but they explained how over time improper sucking on her part could lead to depletion of milk supply! We decided it was best to get this fixed asap and I'm so glad we did. Every day she has been getting more and more frustrated during feedings, it's the most challenging thing for me to watch because I feel like I can't help her. :(

We are hoping this procedure takes care of the symptoms Emma has been experiencing and that she is not intolerant to dairy, but I'm giving it until after the procedure to keep the dairy out. 

As much as I love cheese and ice cream and yummy creamy sauces, I will do anything to keep the breastfeeding going.  During our first week of nursing I felt so lucky that I didn't have soreness or too much pain like I've heard most people get and that I have plenty of milk...never thought she would have difficulties though even with gaining lots of weight.

I'm nervous and anxious for the procedure tomorrow, but know that it's best for her now and will benefit her later in life too. Say a little prayer for us...I know Emma is in good hands and will be just fine, but I'm sure I'll still be a wreck!

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