Friday, October 4, 2013

Loving Every Moment

The past few days have felt like a turning point with daily life and getting to know each other. We started a routine with Emma and she seems to do really well with it (EASY - eat, active, sleep, time for you). She's been taking about three good naps per day and has three 3-4 hour stretches of sleep at night which has allowed me to get some alone/tv time at night. She's becoming more predictable and we can tell that she is starting to know who we are and react to us.

Not that I haven't always loved our baby, but I have been really loving her even more recently and during her naps I actually miss her! I love her soft skin, crazy hair (we call it her mad scientist hair), adorable faces and even the smell of her poo. She is just so awesome.

I can't believe how much love I have for our little baby and how much my love and appreciation for Mike has grown. He does so much for us and is so patient with me and Emma! He is already an amazing daddy, I just love seeing them together, interacting. Emma loves her daddy, I can tell. She locks eyes on him when he is close and doesn't let him out of her sight. It's the sweetest thing. :)

While I don't necessarily miss the past month (it was sooo hard!), it's making me realize how fast time goes and that I need to enjoy, cherish and record all these moments. We are starting Emma's baby book soon, Mike has been compiling a photo album of a picture of her every day of her first year and I decided to start making a Project Life memory book each year (one spread for each week) starting in 2014. (I can't post links on my phone but google Project Life and you'll see what it's all about.)

Our life right now is definitely not easy, but I'm loving every moment of it. This is the best!

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