Tuesday, October 15, 2013

We Survived!

I'm not sure where the time went, but we made it to six weeks! To be honest, the first few weeks are a blur and I think I was living off adrenaline and was constantly in survival mode. I have a lot of  friends having babies this month and when I see their newborn pics in the hospital I think, "how cute, but I don't miss that first phase." It's learning how to breastfeed, getting through random hormonal fights with your spouse and realizing what lack of sleep but still needing strength to care for a baby feels like. Yup, really don't miss those things, but I still cherish that time.

Now that we've hit six weeks it feels like we're in transition mode. She's in a big growth spurt and we can definitely tell! She's recognizing us, halfway smiling and is becoming way more content just being alert and around us. We've had multiple successful trips taking her out and have figured out her sleepy/hungry cues and how to calm her when fussy. It's actually getting fun now! Is that bad to say?

I head back to work (at my home office) in two weeks and while I've been loving the time of work, it really hasn't been "time off." It's going to be nice to get ourselves into our new normal life routine. Dare I say working will actually be my "me time" and escape? Funny how things change. :)

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