Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Emma: Two Months

Date: November 3

Stats: 11 lbs 0 oz, 23 in long – up 4 lbs since birth

Sleep: She was doing so well, sleeping in 5-7 hours streaks (one night was 7.5 hours!) that it seemed too good to be true. She hit a growth spurt at 8 weeks and went back to 3-4 hour streaks. Her naps have dwindled way down during that spurt and she started sleeping for 30-40 minutes at a time instead of a couple 2 hour naps every day. Fortunately she passed that growth spurt and is back to 6-7 hour streaks at night and at least one long nap during the day. Yay!

Feeding: Exclusively breastfed. Has taken the bottle a couple times, but is not great at it unless she is really really hungry. Occasionally uses a pacifier but can't keep it in her mouth on her own. It eases crying when we can't get to feed her immediately though or during her 8 week growth spurt when all she wanted to do was suck (and mommy was back at work).

Clothing size: Fits in all 0-3 month clothing, can even wear some 3-6 month clothes!

Likes: play time right after feeding (she is so happy during this time!), being held facing out is her new favorite thing, her owl playmat, being outside, the sound of running water, being naked, the carseat, her minnie mouse stuffed animal

Dislikes: disposable wipes, putting pajamas on, not much else...she's a happy baby!

Biggest changes: She smiles so much more now and we can tell it is actually for us and not gas. :) She likes to 'talk' more and responds to us with noises and coos, even a giggle sometimes. She is sitting up (supported) much better now and loves to sit in our lap or be held facing out. She has started exploring things around her more and more and is intrigued by almost everything!

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