Friday, November 1, 2013


Yesterday was Halloween and it was Emma's first holiday! We figured since she's not even two months yet, we'd stick with a basic Halloween outfit and go all out next year since she'll actually get to trick or treat then. Our next door neighbors organized a BBQ in the front yard for anyone on our street to come to. It was so fun to meet a few new neighbors and get to know those that live right near us a bit more. The dads took the kids trick or treating (Mike had to leave for work), so the moms sat together on one driveway, socialized and handed out candy. We have some really great neighbors!

Next year we are hoping Mike will be able to take the night off work so he can take Emma around trick or treating. I always wondered what I would do...leave a bowl out and hope kids don't take advantage or stay at home to hand out candy? I'm hoping this neighbor get together becomes an annual thing because it was so fun sitting outside with the other moms! We've already started brainstorming ideas for her costume next year. I can tell you that she will not be a princess...we only have so many years until she has an opinion, right? ;)

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