Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Our Baby Shower

Last Saturday my mom and my sister-in-law Brooke threw a baby shower for us! They kept a lot of it a secret from me, so I was really curious to see what they had all planned. I was so excited when I walked in and found out it was a book theme! I love kids' books so much and still remember all of my favorites. Apparently so did my mom because on one of the tables was Harold and the Purple Crayon!
Since it's really warm here now, even in the mornings, the shower was inside at my parents' house. They moved furniture out of their living room and set it up with nice tables and chairs. It looked so beautiful and was the perfect space for everything! The centerpieces and all the little details were so fun and we had so many wonderful friends and family that were able to attend.
Then there was the food. Wow, it was so good, I could eat that food every day! We had salads, wraps, veggies and lots of delicious desserts. I love salad and veggies, but the desserts were definitely my favorite part! My mom spent a lot of time making some pretty special desserts and most things were gluten free!
Oh yes, then there were the favors (pictured above). They had bookmarks with a Dr. Seuss quote on them and gummy book worm candies attached, how cute is that!

The games were really fun, I had actually never played these games at a shower before! My mom put one together that was a matching game with book quotes and popular kids' books. I'm sure she knew most of them off the top of her head, she's kind of a kids' book fanatic. ;) The other game was put together by my sister-in-law Tana and it was so much fun! They had a list of everyone's name who was at the shower and you had to match the meaning to the name. Some meanings were really nice and some were pretty hysterical!
We were really blessed and received so many generous gifts for baby girl! We are pretty much set now with just a few small purchases left to make, we did not expect that at all! We can't thank everyone enough for their generosity – baby girl is loved so much! Another fun thing they did was they asked everyone to bring a signed kids' book instead of a greeting card. We ended up with a huge library for baby girl with lots of great books, it was awesome! We've already started reading a few of them to her. :)

We're so grateful to have been able to celebrate this little lady with so many friends and family. We are so touched at everyone's love and generosity! Only two more months until we get to meet her.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bump Watch: 30 weeks

How Far Along: 30 weeks

Size of the Baby: Butternut Squash (17 in long, 3.1 lbs)

Sleep: Starting to get super tired very early, just like the first trimester. Actually, a lot of first trimester symptoms are coming back. :-/ Sleep isn't the best, but trying to get in as much as I can.

Best Moment of the Week: My baby shower! Loved seeing our friends and family and celebrating this baby girl.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Eating at matter what I eat.

Any cravings: Veggies, salads with oil and vinegar, baked potatoes, smoothies

What I'm looking forward to: Our staycation/babymoon this coming weekend at the Marriott!

What I miss: Not feeling like a stuffed turkey. Also starting to miss wearing normal clothes. I loved having a new dress to wear for the shower (the one in the pic), but I've realized there's no point in buying any more maternity clothes since I'll be done with them in a few months.

Nursery: We are so close to being done with the nursery, it's really exciting! We got a TON of books from the shower and lots of other good items, so now we can really complete it. My mom and I went through my baby box and found some outfits that we can hand down to baby girl...I even hung up one of my little dresses on the wall. It's so cute and fits perfectly with the colors!

Friday, June 21, 2013

3rd Trimester Gratefulness

This third trimester has not been nice to us so far. We started it with our night at the ER and exhaustion from not sleeping at all and I hate to say that it is not getting much better. I'm fully recovered from whatever kind of stomach bug I had, but things are just slowing down. The nausea and pure exhaustion is back, but this time there's also excruciatingly painful leg cramps in the middle of the night, bruised ribs and strong painful kicks from baby. I may not be massive yet, but I feel huge and can barely get myself up from sitting down. Oh and the hormones? Ya, those are on a whirlwind of a roller coaster. Whoever said to stock up on your sleep while you're pregnant must have had a breeze of a pregnancy.

While all this can be somewhat depressing, I'm glad I have my mom there to remind me of the good things to come in the next 10 weeks. Our baby shower is tomorrow, my birthday is on Sunday and next weekend we are taking a short, but much needed babymoon/staycation. As for the other two months that are to come, I'm trying to figure out how we're going to get through those.

As I laid in bed at 3am last night, not being able to sleep, I kept thinking of how I need to remember to be grateful. There are so many women and couples that would give anything to be pregnant and here I am complaining about some leg cramps, nausea and bruised ribs while a beautiful, healthy baby lay inside me. Thinking about the day when we get to meet our daughter is what keeps me going. Everyone tells us that you can't describe what that moment feels like, we are so excited to finally hold her in our arms and know that feeling! People like to say things like "just wait until you have the endless nights of no sleep" or "you'll never know what being tired really feels like until you have a baby", we get it people, having a newborn is not going to be easy, but we'd take that any day just to hold our daughter in our arms and feel that indescribable love.

We're counting down baby girl...10 weeks/69 days. We love you so much already!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Our ER-filled Father's Day Weekend

Yup, baby girl's dad really does rock. Not only on stage at work, but in being the best husband and daddy! I insist that this IS his first Father's Day and that he IS already a dad. This weekend was definitely proof of that.

Friday night we decided to eat at Rubio's before Mike left for work because I had a free birthday coupon. Later that night he left for work and I went to bed not feeling quite right. But, I meditated myself into sleep and thought all would be well in the morning. Turns out, not so much. I woke up at 12:30am so sick. Won't go into detail, that's how gross it was. Mike was still at work, so I was up texting him until he was done. I pretty much "got sick" every hour. By 4am we decided it was time to go to the hospital since I wasn't keeping fluids down. Also, after every "sick" moment, I was having a tightening/cramping in my belly and back pain...we were a little concerned that those were contractions (figuring out now that they were probably Braxton Hicks).

We got to the hospital around 4am, so happy we live only 3 miles away! They admitted me into labor and delivery and made us sit in the registration office for a while answering questions. I was just watching the clock, waiting for that next hour to hit, hoping I wouldn't get sick all over this lady's desk. They finally took me into a triage room and monitored baby to first make sure she was ok. We weren't too concerned that she was in distress since I could feel her moving so much. They found the heartbeat and concluded that I wasn't having contractions, so they moved us in to the ER. On our way over there, we noticed the sun coming up...couldn't believe we stayed up the entire night.

In the ER they took forever checking my vitals and had to redo them since I got sick in the middle of it. Sigh...they moved a little slow for my liking at that point. They finally got the IV in me (something I was a little terrified of) and pumped with me some zofran for the nausea and a ton of fluids since I was extremely dehydrated. By then it was 7am and we knew Mike had to get home to try and get some sleep. Turns out Saturday he had a show in Morenci which was 4 hours away! He had to leave around 10am, drive 4 hours and then play for 4 hours. Since we knew everything was going to be ok for me, I was getting more concerned for him getting through that day. After all, he did have a dizzy/dehydrated/tired fainting spell the weekend before after a show.

Mike left around 7:30am and his mom showed up shortly after so I would have someone with me and to take me home. It was so great to have her there so I wasn't alone! I did forget to mention that my whole family was out of town this weekend...perfect timing, right? :-/

I finally got home at 10:30am. My mom decided to leave her trip at the lake to come stay with me since Mike was going to be gone all day and overnight. Seriously wouldn't have recovered as much as I did without her. She brought over all my favorite "sick" foods like 7up, Jello and chicken and rice soup. Funny how I never eat those things unless I'm sick! She stayed the whole day with me and spent the night, she is amazing!

Mike got back around noon on Father's Day and I had gained some of my energy back so we were able to have a decent Father's Day. We went to his parents' house that evening for dinner and spent time with his whole family.

This weekend made me extremely grateful for our awesome moms! Things would have been much more difficult without them. More than anything, I am so much more grateful for this amazing man that I get to call my husband. Our daughter is the luckiest girl that she gets to have him as her daddy. He is so calm and patient, but also so wise and in charge in the moments when we need him to be. I have always struggled with anxiety and panic attacks, especially when sick or getting poked with needles. He kept me so calm and reminded me of our breathing techniques we learned in birthing classes. Maybe this weekend was a test run for later this summer when baby girl arrives? I definitely have been rid of some of my fears of things to happen during labor after this weekend and was able to see my husband's strength and companionship.

Happy first Father's Day Mike! We love you!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Favorite Yellow Dress

The other day I was at my parents' house and my mom and I looked through my baby box to see if there was anything we may want to use for baby girl (for sentimental value of course). We found some pretty funny stuff in the box – school projects from 1st and 2nd grade that include some people I'm still friends with today! Unfortunately anything with elastic just didn't hold up, but we did find a white bonnet, shiny black mary jane shoes, denim overalls and this adorable yellow dress that my mom made for my birthday. (Is this my 1st or 2nd birthday, mom? It's hard to tell because I just never had any hair.)

My mom is great at sewing, something I never seemed to master quite like her, and she made quite a few of my dresses when I was younger. I still remember every Sunday at church people would ask me if my mom made my dress and when I said yes, they were always impressed. This yellow sundress was definitely one of my favorites along with the plaid Christmas dress that had a full skirt (so fun to twirl in!) and the blue stripe dress with yellow ducks on it that I ruined while using the roller racers (we found similar fabric for a sundress for baby girl!). I'm so thankful she saved this yellow dress though. It is still in great shape so we decided to hang it up in baby girl's room. It fits perfectly with everything and I wish I could share a picture, but we are so close to having the room done and Mike says no more pictures until it is completely done. :) So, I guess stay tuned for nursery pics in the next few weeks!

It's scary to think that this dress is now considered vintage, isn't it?!

P.S. We totally missed the belly pic at 28 weeks. Looks like we'll just wait until 30 weeks! :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer Reading List

If my mom is reading this, she's probably thinking, WHAT?! She has always loved reading and I have not been as much into it. I love reading blogs, articles and magazines, but reading books for fun has never been at the top of my list. I hate to admit it, but I'm a tv addict. I love my shows, but lately they have been somewhat boring (maybe its all these horrible summer shows) and I have been enjoying sitting in a quiet room reading a book more so than watching tv. Plus, once baby is here, we want to not have the tv on as much as background noise.

Right now I've been reading mostly birthing and parenting books, but that's not exactly what I want to sit and read by the pool or when trying to relax. So, I'm looking for good book suggestions. I do have a few I've been hearing about and want to check out:

I've seen this one mentioned on multiple summer reading lists and it sounds pretty good. It's about three women who seem to have everyone around them getting married while things in their lives don't seem to be going in the same direction. Even though I'm married and baby is on the way, I think this would be a fun read and give me some perspective on what some of my non-married friends might be feeling...or it would just be entertaining to read, I hear it's pretty humorous.

I love chick lit and The Devil Wears Prada was such a fun read, so I'm hoping this is just as good. I love reading light-hearted books like this...just like I love watching fun, light-hearted chick flick movies. Don't judge me.

Maybe this one can be categorized under parenting books, but I hear it's very interesting and light-hearted. I've been wanting to read this for a while and since we're expecting, it's the perfect time for it.

Any other suggestions??

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Restaurants to Try

Over the past few months, Mike and I have been making more of an effort to not only eat healthy, but change our lifestyle into a healthier one. We've switched to cooking nearly every meal at home and I've started buying a lot more produce (I'm working on buying organic for the dirty dozen) and have been trying to switch to non-GMO food. Surprisingly, Costco has some awesome products that have helped us in this switch! For everything else, we stick to Sprouts. I wish we had a Whole Foods and Trader Joe's closer, but Sprouts seems to have everything we need at reasonable prices anyways.

We do allow ourselves a restaurant budget for the month though, but now that we've been eating healthier, we are actually craving that kind of food instead of the heavy processed kind. It's amazing how that happens, isn't it? Usually we go to Pita Jungle, which we love, but there are only so many times you can go there in a month. :) So, I did some research and found a few other places to try soon!
Ok, so we've already been here a few times, but we love it so much! It's called Thrive! and lucky for us it's right next to Mike's gym and the hospital we are delivering at. They just serve smoothies and bowls, so it's not really a restaurant, but it's a great replacement for breakfast, Starbucks, sugary smoothies and ice cream. Everything is dairy-free and they use no added sugars. It's not exactly cheap, but they use a special acai sorbet that is so amazing, plus they have gluten free granola! I'm definitely sending Mike here when we're at the hospital and I can finally eat. :)

A place I've been meaning to try is Pomegranate Cafe in Ahwatukee. Everything on the menu sounds awesome and they have a ton of gluten free options. Reminds me of Pita Jungle, but with different options...exactly what we're looking for!
I also discovered 24 Carrots while searching online and ironically, it's located in Chandler, the same cross streets that I grew up at! It seems somewhat similar to Pomegranate Cafe, but slightly more casual as it is a juice bar too. Definitely need to try this one!

We also like getting out of the east valley area, so I found a few other places a bit further away:
Fair Trade Cafe
Beckett's Table (we went here for my birthday last year and we love it!)
The Herb Box (I went here once for a work lunch, it was delicious and such a cool place)
Green (I've been here a few times, but it's been a while!)

Any other places you'd recommend we try? :)