Friday, January 31, 2014

January Updates

Wow, has it really been a month since I last did a blog post? In the last post, Emma had just turned 4 months and next week she is already turning 5 months! Here's what we've been up to the past month:

Emma started giving us huge gummy smiles and giggles. Although, she's still figuring out the giggles, sometimes it sounds like she's crying or choking.

Emma made a new friend and I realized how gigantic she has gotten over the past few months!

We joined a CSA near us and have been enjoying fresh, local, organic produce every week. It's been fun having a surprise basket of produce ready for us every Saturday and I love experimenting with new stuff.

We "weaned" Emma off of the swaddle (we really just went cold turkey). We figured we had nothing left to lose since sleep was at a 2-3 hour stretch max anyways. She actually started sleeping better after we unswaddled her! We are now doing gentle sleep training and she is doing so well with it! More updates on that as it progresses.

We had some family come to visit from Minnesota and Emma got to meet her great-grandparents (Grandma Joyce, where Emma gets her middle name). We feel very blessed that she got to meet her great-grandparents! A few of my aunts also were in town and it was so great to see them too!

Emma is constantly rolling now and can roll across the room! We missed it the first few times she rolled on to her stomach, but she does it all the time now. She has even started sleeping on her stomach...and shoving her face into the mattress. She knows how to scare mommy!

She now plays with toys and is reaching for things all the time (including my hair, face, glasses, shirt, anything she can get her hands on). Of course everything goes in her mouth, so we need to get some good silicone teething toys.

I can hardly believe how many developmental changes have happened since four months! More updates in a few days with the 5 month pictures. :)

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