Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Goals

I'm feeling pretty lucky that this New Year's I'll be celebrating with this little girl and will be kissing those giant cheeks. No party and no staying up till midnight and I'm ok with that! 2013 was our favorite year ever, but I have a feeling 2014 will be (almost) as good.

A few of my resolutions/goals:

- Balance life: I really want to work on balancing work, staying healthy and being a good mom and wife. I feel so grateful to be working from home and it allows me to do all the above things, but it can be quite a challenge to balance since my work time and family time aren't divided up.

- Keep working towards a healthier lifestyle: We've made some changes last year, but there are still things we'd like to switch up. We just signed up to be a part of the Agritopia Farm Winter CSA (located just down the road from us) and will be getting fresh, local, organic produce every week. Emma will be starting solids in a few months and it's important for us to teach her about healthy eating habits. I'm also trying to take Emma out for more walks and maybe even move into a walk/run routine for myself. I'm finally feeling ready to start some kind of fitness routine (I think). I have about 12 lbs left to go until I'm at pre-baby weight, but really the goal is just to feel healthier, stronger and to maybe fit into my old jeans. 

- Turn off the tv and pick up more hobbies: We'd prefer Emma not watch tv until she's at least 2, and even then we'd like her to not have "her shows" to watch every day. This habit really starts with us. I'm getting into Project Life, but once we have our backyard I'd also like to start gardening again. I always say I want to read more books, but I'm so sleep deprived right now, if probably just fall asleep. 

- Keep going with the budget and saving: We did so well with this in 2013 and want to keep the momentum going in 2014. We just finished up a full emergency fund, so now we are starting the next baby step (saving for retirement, then Emma's college fund) and working towards a backyard fund. We'd love to have a backyard in by the time Emma is walking, or even sooner if possible. We have very detailed goals and plans with our finances for the first half of the year. For me, that is the key to success with saving and sticking to the budget!

Usually these goals are difficult to stay motivated with but now with a daughter it's a bit easier. We've realized we are her example and that we need to be a good one.

Here's to a happy 2014!

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