Monday, February 3, 2014

Emma: 5 months

Date: February 3

Stats: No doctor appointment this month, but we're guessing 14.5lbs. Look at that leg chunk!

Sleep: At the end of January we went to a sleep class and started Emma on a gentle sleep training program. It's been a week now and she has improved so much! We are starting to implement the methods into her naps now and it's led to full 1hr - naps all day! Her bedtime is 7pm and she wakes up at 6am with 3-4 naps during the day. At night, I've been getting up to dream feed (I wake up and get her out of bed while she's fully asleep) at 10pm when I go to bed and I wake up at 3am for another one. We'll eventually stretch those feedings out as she gets older and drop them when we can. Sometimes she wakes up in between those night feedings, but puts herself back down to sleep. This has been a dream!

Feeding: Exclusively breastfed. Eating every 3 hours during the day. No solids yet and we may delay them even further than 6 months because she is having some problems with rashes and possible allergies. We are working with a naturopathic pediatrician on getting the rashes cleared and she suggested waiting on solids until possibly she is 7 months.

Clothing size: 3-6 month clothing is getting tight, also wears 6-12 month sizes. Right now she is in disposable diapers while her yeast rash clears up so clothes fit much more loose with those. I miss her fluffy butt though! :)

Likes: grabbing her toes and doing "happy baby" pose, chewing on Sophie (and anything she can get her hands on), sleeping on her stomach, rolling across the room, standing up (with help), being sung to, reading books, her playmat, going for walks, being held like a big girl!

Dislikes: getting lotion put on, wearing clothes, being put to bed :(

Biggest changes: It's incredible how mobile she has suddenly become this month, we can't just leave her laying around anymore! She rolls across the room and has really figured out how to use her hands and feet to reach things and move to where she wants to go. She rolls all around in her crib and we realized it's time to put up some breathable bumpers so she doesn't hit her head as hard on the crib railings. The sleep is changing which is such a huge relief. We were all pretty exhausted, including her. We are working on getting her a set routine and set naptimes to simplify life and making plans. It's pretty impossible right now. She is close to sitting on her own, but seems to fall over when we let her be on her own. She is a super chill baby and such a joy to be around! Even though I'm so glad she is sleeping better, I end up missing her when we put her down for bed. We just love having her with us!

Emma has had rashes since about 3 months and we have done everything we can to get rid of them naturally on our own. We finally resorted to other creams and treatments recommended by our pediatrician, but we weren't really getting to the root of the cause of them. We ended up going to a naturopathic pediatrician last week and she has us started on a plan to calm her rashes down and find the cause. I am on an elimination diet to find if it's a food allergy and we started her on probiotics and food enzymes and me on a few more supplements to help her skin. She also has a medicated cream for the rashes since they were diagnosed as yeast (hence the disposable diapers...which by the way seem so tiny! We're really liking how much the 7th Generation diapers are holding though. They make it through the entire night!). Now it's just a matter of giving these treatments time to work and heal her skin.

 She's a rolling expert! You can see some of her rashes here too, hopefully they'll be completely gone by next month!

She loves to stand up!

We still can't tell what color her eyes and hair will be. So fun to watch her grow and change though!

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